Some DIY Music With Howard

It’s 5:02am and I have work in a couple of hours.

(PRO TIP: Greens stop all sorts of bitching)

Indie as hell.

At Sweetest Drip, we have a weird form of quality control that — I think — reflects the culture we’re trying to cheer on:

A good indie artist to us will be DIY, easy-access, interesting and self-made (not all criteria necessary, but fully respected if we do find someone like this).

I mean, for the most part, those are the characteristics of our generation, right? Look at what we’ve done (indie music-wise, culture-wise, occupy-wise & meme-wise): we are one solid generation.

Sure we may be broke, and the baby-boomers may have fucked everything up with their “wise moral decisions” & “war against ____”, but we’re still going strong, bitches.

I like how we don’t complain as much (anymore). Big fan of that.

So yes, collectively we’re positive and we’re down for anything from minimalist noise to absurdly complicated pieces — but we’re creative too, and that’s why I believe our music has to reflect something beyond some bro chilling in sunglasses, not talking to anyone at a party and acting aloof all the fucking time. Someday you’re gonna shit your pants bro, and we’ll be there to see it. All dat brown. Act human. 

In short, though we may look like this at your gig:



This is what we’re actually doing if you’re a dick:

"Smells like poon stabber"

For that reason we tend to avoid everyone who sounds like the next Beach House, Regina Spektor or Fleet Foxes and etc. To me, that’s just bullshit and sullies the names of both New York and Los Angeles. Who are you trying to pull a fast one over, bitch? You don’t need to sound like those guys to get big. There’s no pride in that. Get your own groove and flaunt it fuckers (<3 you).

Anyways, I’ve decided to showcase some DIY talent with a mix-mash of random artists I found an hour ago by accident (all recent). Enjoy.

The Scotty Pippens – Fuck & Fall In Love [NSFW]

First, I apologize for the pubis. No wait, I don’t. If you haven’t figured it out, the Scotty Pippens are going for some kind of funny shock factor. Alright…. goddamn this video is disgusting.


Sulha Kivas – Anthem

Hailing from Turkey, I don’t know much about Sulha Kivas besides the fact that he sticks to smooth, layered, nostalgic & funky instrumentals. And that’s all I need to know. Well done.


33Hz – Nightspot

Minimalist 33HZ runs labels and does this DIY thing, incorporating interesting vocal timing and effects, making simple compositions meaty. Definitely not your average soundcloud producer.


DerBenman – Buddha Brudah(prod.◗erⱤ◬lle)

Old-school vinyl digging and mixing: sick. German rapping: also kind of fun. Maybe there should be more of these hybrids out there. Where else do you hear it anymore outside of Europe? Don’t say b-boy battles.


And That’s It

What do you think? Are we the DIY generation? Maybe we should drop that and become the Do-it-Together Gen. since it seems that’s where we shine.

Anyone wanna start a collective and eat hamburgers made from tempe? Are you still reading this after that pubis video? Can we go out?

all images via Wikimedia Commons

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