Still mopping around due to Valentine’s Day blues?

It’s all good, let Bufi slay them damn blues

by putting on some smooth grooves to pimp out your S.A.D. life:

Bufi – Happy Robot

Bufi is Mateo González Bufi, a chill half French half Mexican bro (Frexican?), born in the cosmopolitan Mexico City.

BufiA brilliant dance music producer, Bufi has been making dancefloor killer tracks since he was 19 years old. From then on he has captivated the attention of labels in Japan, Mexico, U.S.A, and France’s Kitsuné.

Aside from that, he is also the founder of Rock Juvenil, a Mexican indie label. He releases tracks under the Bufi moniker or under any other of his aliases.

At a glance it’s easy to lump him with the rest of laptop DJs and SoundCloud producers that are so abundant on the indiesphere and beyond,

but do yourself a solid and put that prejudice on hold:

Bufi – Homeless Hero

Bufi stands out because of what he brings to the indie dance/nu-disco scene.

BufiWith a background on classical guitar from the renown Escuela Superior de Música del Centro Nacional de las Artes, Bufi is able to transplant ideas from his formal music training and adapt them seamlessly and beautifully to his dance music.

His tracks are a juxtaposition of old and new notions, showcasing both his formal musical background and the myriad of influences that have had an effect on his sound (from Daft Punk, to Miles Davis, to psychedelic drugs, and even Haruki Murakami)!

Many artists find a groove that works for them and stick to it but…

Bufi doesn’t confine his music to any comfort zones.

Is Bufi experimental? Not necessarily. He definitely pushes the boundaries though his sound doesn’t come off as an odd outlier — it stands out because it’s outstanding.

At the relative young age of 20-something years old, Bufi has achieved a mastery in his craft. And this mastery has allowed him to incorporate the abundance of musical know-how he possesses with such finesse into this kind of sonic swag:

Bufi & Juan Soto – Monrovia

If you dig, then let me share on some exciting news:

Bufi has an upcoming album titled “The Trilogy”, and it’s slated to be released in digital and physical format some time around March!


featured images courtesy of Bufi

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