Six Lee: A Futuristic Take On Menswear

Six Lee and a world of fashion.

SixLee F/W 2012 “We’re all at the end”

Six Lee is an up-and-coming menswear designer that the fashion scene has to keep its eyes on. Playfulness, innocence, and sophistication make up his aesthetic. Each piece has a certain ‘boyish’ quality with the use of soft colors and differing silhouettes. Lee calls this look the Antwerp Classic.

His goal is to make menswear fun, and we couldn’t ask for more. Menswear has been long dominated by a majority who doesn’t exercise change. The monotony needs to cease; classics are great, but why should women have all the fun?

Six Lee’s youthful designs bring a fresh perspective to fashion. He is methodical in his forward-thinking design process where he asks key questions: What is desirable? Why are pieces used for their specific time period?

Considering these stylistic factors helps Six toward creating innovative pieces that fit their era and wearer comfortably.

Six Lee goes from dream to reality

Six Lee was born on August 9th, 1983 in Hong Kong. While growing up, Japanese fashion magazines were a prime source of inspiration, which created Six Lee’s goal towards a career in fashion. Following that goal, Lee was accepted into his dream school: the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp, Belgium.

After graduating in 2009, he accepted an internship at Alexander McQueen menswear for the season and moved to London.

This was a crucial time in Six Lee’s career where a huge learning curve would occur. Survival is the name of the game in fashion; Who is in? Who is out? Lee learned that and many other lessons while immersed in such a dynamic and challenging environment. Six rose to the occasion realizing in the brutally fast-paced fashion industry he must keep his wits amongst himself.

Six’s school mentors; Nellie Nooren, Patrick De Muynck, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dirk Van Saene, and Daniel Kearns from McQueen Menswear all played their role in nurturing his growing talents.

Advice for fashion students?

Try to get through the period from the dream to reality – Six Lee via Dazed Digital

Six Lee presents his new collection ‘We Are All In The Dance’

Feist – We Are All In The Dance

Cleverly named after a Feist song, Six Lee’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection takes inspiration from a deeper meaning. Life’s complexities and desires become faded memories. Everyone lives life like a dance of hide and seek, enjoying each moment is the key to balancing the harmony of life. A reference to a ‘dance’ representing life is fitting as the muse of the collection is Rudolf Nureyev.

Six LeeThis season, tones of grey and blue are combined with influences of weather, water, ice, and galaxies. Lee says there are three key pieces in the collection; the high waisted pleated shorts, the cropped jacket with layers, and the knit shirt with a magnet all of which reflect the elements utilized.

The collection features traditional wools using varying prince of wales (wales are a series of raised proportions within a woven fabric; usually this is a result of the fabrics length — prince of wales is just a specific type of wale.)

Using different techniques and fusings (a lining to stiffen a fabric as used in collars), Six changed the drape resulting in the silhouettes that appear in the collection.

To complete the collection, Six Lee partnered with Antoine D’Agata for the photography, and multi-talented Frederik Heyman for the videography. The combined efforts of Lee and his colleagues realized a perfect blend of contrast to bring the mood of the collection full circle. As you view an editorial or watch one of the Heyman videos you realize you’re attracted by beauty one minute and something else completely the next. You are thrown into a world of emotion being pulled by desire, replaced by suffering, and ending in pleasure.

Six Lee is a renaissance man whose goal is to convey emotion and expression through each collection he creates. Everyone has heard of the term ‘the devil is in the details.’ Six understands this notion as he is only driven by his love for design. In addition, this man is a technician as he isn’t releasing this collection for sale because he believes setting up an image is more important early on than profit.

Six Lee is an innovator that will shake the fashion industries core values.

photos courtesy of Six Lee

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