Indie Playlist: Oct.10, 2012

Cue gentle bb October breeze; it feels nice and the sun’s a lil more bashful than usual~

You’re heading home after a long day of werk and your thoughts start to wander. . .

Just wanna come home to u and pass time listenin’ by to chill beats & maxin’ out relaxin’ — nothing fancy, just spinnin’ da sweet indie playlist dat u know I wanna hear.

Hoooooooo girl, u givin’ me goosebumps. I #feels pretty good now, jus’ wish I could spend more time wichu Nature. Wish I was wrapped up in a hammock sippin’ on some yung coconut milk while getting a playful massage from u.

But u know da game, it’s not played that way. Jus’ gotta stiff upper-lip it :< but keep da chin up cause it’s just another day bru and deez chill tunes is 4 u.

01. Werkha – Le Roitelet

As you’re winding down this fine Monday, just wanted to make sure your journey was a nice one. If it was poppin’, keep it fresh!

If it was rough, wind down with us. Don’t mind the traffic. Hop in Le Roitelet on your way back home and think of all the good things to come.

02. Dreams West feat. Tokyo Hands – </3

Like the 9-9-99 promise that Sega Dreamcast was gonna rock ur pre-HD graphics brain out, did you feel your Nintendo/Monopoly board game starting to feel irrelevant?

You finally get the Dreamcast and luh da games but realize the controller’s too big and will prolly give you carpal tunnel. Also it costs like $50 to play $25 for $9.99 a month & useless accessories namean. A n y w a y, after years of non-use your parents pack away your Derpcast.

Fast-forwarding to contemporary iLife, your hipster acquaintances want 2 play Bead Warrior: Master of the Beads cause they saw it trending on Tumblr and you wanted to oblige so they’d stfu for a sec while you regain your chillmax levels.

Dreamcast on. You secretly wretch at the sight of the early 21st century graphics as if they were 70s porn (so much hair), but you still got your game face on cause y’ain’t no fool.

You pack a bowl/sip chai latte or whatever calms ur shit and everyone finally kinda gets on the same page — OK, now you’re feel’n pretty chill.

But you still can’t help but question:

Damn son, where’d I find this?

03. Arnold – WRLD

In the search for true post-all #feels, electronic beat pioneers like Arnold and his M|O|D brus turn up the 808 instrumentals it takes to bring WRLD peace to all.

That, or lovin’ u is like workin’ dat drum kit 24/7 to find your sweetest heartbeat.

04. yukibeb – as we float

Definitely wanna queue up as we float and pretty much the rest of this ‘beb’s SoundCloud in today’s indie playlist

Yukibeb’s got that love from Tokyo that has real appreciation for the tru #feels from hip hop instrumentals.

Luh how she takes care of my feel-good vibes one loop at a time.

05. Tapes – Apparition

When you’re sitting alone & zoning in and out of what’s trill for you, do you get visited by ghosts? I speak of those apparitions of feelings past that remind u of times when you know you were feeling tru & real feelings?

Yea I mean, just listen to deez songs. Do they make your spine tingle? Your hair stand on end? Your butt fart?

06. Kosmo Kat – Broken Fan

Honestly doe I’m always tryna tune into my surroundings. The (Huntington) Beach vibes in this track got me feelin’ a lil nostalgic for gathering ’round the (digital/real/hypothetical) hearth wif good company and share some proper Cheers!

07. Sam Flax – Another Day

In other words, here’s to another day (wichu?)

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