WHAT IS UP EVERYONE? If you’re thinking, “Yeah I hang out with pretty cool people, but sometimes I don’t feel as cool as them.” Don’t worry, because this week’s playlist is all about feeling cooler than a room filled with self-absorbed hipsters.

Tiga – Bugatti

Tiga takes the definition of cool and rewrites it with Bugatti. The chorus is simple: “Girl comes up to me and says, ‘What ya drivin’?’ I said, ‘Bugatti’,” but it somehow gives you the sensation that when you’re singing it alone in your car, you’ve somehow become “the shit”, and everyone around you suddenly knows it. The video is a lot like Wes Anderson and a sex fueled ski trip from the 80’s having a kid. Check it out:


Starfoxxx – Drunkwaves_scratch

Forget the club. You’re too cool for that. Stay home, play Starfoxxx‘s Drunkwaves_scratch on max volume, add in large amounts of alcohol, and you’ve got yourself a party. While seemingly wanting to be unnoticed, the Chicago-based artist’s “Bae” was on THUMP‘s Soundcloud a few months back and his name has been popping up all over the internet. Listen to this jam right here:


The Hood Internet – Move That Triad (Future x Rustie)

The Hood Internet duo from Chi-town is way more hood than you’ll ever be. Don’t be sad though, this hoodrich combo features Future‘s Move That Dope mixed with Rustie‘s Triadzz and will bring out the hood in anyone. Now when they mean muggin’ you from across the room you’ll have the courage to show em’ who run the trap. Feelin’ it:


Kane West – Western Beats

The UK is up with it. The PC Music label started by Sophie, has taken off and confused everyone that it has come in contact with. Is it satire? Is it serious? Is it somewhere in the middle? Who cares, because Kane West‘s Western Beats is a dope album. That’s right, this track is a 15:00 minute preview of his album which you can download for free. Combining the elements of Jersey Club, Electro, House, and wicked samples, Kane West takes you on a cool trip you won’t forget:


LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous

Throwback Thursday… Flashback Friday — We’re taking it back to 2007 when LCD Soundsystem dropped the ultimate cool girl/guy track. Picture this: You’re walking around downtown dressed to the nines and you’ve achieved some sort of enlightenment. You literally give no shits. All you can think about is how you’re going to make it happen. You’ve reached the top of Mount Everest because you’ve realized that being who you are is about as cool as it gets on this planet. That’s what this track is:


So there you have it. These hand-selected tracks are sure to make you at the peak of cool on your weekend. Until next week, keep it locked and stay sweet.

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