Last Night I Bro’ed out

It was a typical weekday night

Just doin’ mah Facebook stalking while listening to some indiscriminate rap

My circle of chillbros hit me up

There was an event at the “local indie venue” where some Frenchbros were gonna play all night

I wasn’t necessarily feeling it

but I said “all right”

“Let’s chill hard”

Fast forward 1.75 hours + 4.89 Modelos (The New PBR)

and I was bro’ing out.

Panda Bear – Bros

All bros, chill and even unchill, gathered around the center in front of the stage…

We're bro'ing out. We're having fun.

We're bro'ing out. We're having fun. (credit: GDC via Flickr)

This was no silly moshpit.

This was no raver rager (there were no girls dressed slutty/with tape over there nips).

This was not just another festival.

This was a collective of bros vibing out to some French Moombahton electro waves; dancing to the music, not to the perennial “grinding on hoes”.

Back to basics, going tribal.

What does bro’ing out mean?

Here are some entries from Urban Dictionary:

1. Verb: An assembling of men for the specific purpose of imbibing fermented or distilled grains, objectifying the opposite sex, and emoting machismo (typically involving sports related activities). 

2. when one goes out with bros. bro+going out= bro’ing out

3. To hang out with other bros. In order to “bro out” one must be with at least 1 other bro in a social setting. If you take yourself too seriously or act faggy then you are not bro’ing out. If you are working or doing schoolwork then you are not bro’ing out. 

To Bro Out is to be human, it’s universal

It's just me, G-sus and mah 12 Brociples, Bro'ing Out

It's just me, G-sus and mah 12 Brociples, Bro'ing Out (credit: Vicente Juan Macip via Wikipedia Commons)

You shouldn’t be deterred from bro’ing out just because the douchey/Fratbag demographic has taken over the mainstream idea of it.

Bro’ing out is a universal human right, a form of expression, and bonding:

Jesus bro’ed out with his brociples.
Grandpas bro out at their assisted living “homes” – taking some hardcore meds and objectifying grannies.

All bros, even fuckin’ computer programmers, want to bro out.

Do you bro out ?

Is it Indie to bro out?

Do broettes bro out too?

Are you gonna bro out this Valentine’s Day because you have no significant other?

feature photo credit: Phoebe Wong Photography

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