Canblaster Releases Tinashe – Indigo Child Interlude Remix

Hints at more to come this week. #CANSGIVING SON.

It’s always around this season that we see a flurry of activity back in the country of romance known as France.

We love the brotherhood at Club Cheval, and it’s always exciting when you see any of the four OG French homies releasing something after being quiet on soundcloud for longer than a minute or two, so pleasant surprises abounded when Canblaster dropped a new track today with a free download:

Tinashe – Indigo Child Interlude (Canblaster ReMIX)

I’m really loving the stretched out magical/theatrical vibe this remix is showcasing. It’s no doubt that there’s that sweet little romantic touch mixed with just enough naughty to get you through the last quarter of the track, but what’s more important than reveling on a single re-done song?

The possibility for more:

11-24-2014 4-43-46 PM

We’re down.

Are you down? We’ll keep you posted.

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