Iron Heart, quality denim for life.

Iron Heart, quality denim for life.

Do you have an Iron Heart?

Life just isn't the same without a pair.

My personal preferences have always included a variety of fashions, many from Japan. Their use of raw materials appeal to my tastes through the garments cut and texture. Selvage denim is a prime example of these qualities, and Iron Heart is one of the few companies that definitely does it right.

The Iron Heart Family

credit: Iron Heart UK Gallery

My brother and I recently purchased our own pairs of Iron Heart jeans to see if Japanese denim would hold its weight. Honestly, the jeans put me in my place. We both purchased the same cut called The Devil’s Fit. My brother kept it clean by buying the 18oz, and I went hardcore, purchasing the 25oz.

For those unfamiliar to fabrics, “normal” denim typically purchased ranges from 10-14 ounces. So naturally, Iron Heart denim is not for the weak of spirit. These, like other selvage pieces, take roughly a year of wear with minimal (if at all) wash to break in. This process reinforces the seams while setting up the beautiful indigo dyes to fade according to your body’s natural movements.

Iron Heart is humbly rooted, setting a denim standard for all to recognize.

Iron Heart is the premier line for the heavy ounce denim produced by Works Incorporated clothing. The company took roots nine years ago through avid Harley Davidson enthusiast Shinichi Haraki, who wanted to create a clothing line geared towards like-minded Harley motorcyclists. The first cut released was the 21oz 634 model, deemed the signature Haraki denim.

Shinichi designs from scratch, selects the cotton fibers used, hand-picks the dyes, and oversees weaving processes. This man is a master in the denim world with a master plan in mind — to deliver a superior product which is functional, yet ages beautifully with a lifetime of use. Haraki takes no note to current trends, leaving the brand to grow an indie status only a select few can appreciate.

Iron Heart uses Zimbabwe long staple cotton

credit: Iron Heart UK Forum

The denim may be heavy in weight, but becomes more comfortable than the pajamas you wear to bed over time. This is possible through the use of Zimbabwe long staple cotton. The yarns are spun less to give a natural feel to the fabric. Along with the shuttle-loom weave, beautiful indigo dye, and masterful Haraki cut, there is no doubt concerning quality when you see an Iron Heart piece.

Giles Padmore:
the man who opened Iron Heart to the world.

Iron Heart duo Shinichi Haraki & Giles Padmore

credit: Iron Heart UK Gallery

Giles Padmore is the other half of the Iron Heart brand, charged with world-wide sales outside of Japan. Residing in England, Giles oversees and develops the brand in ways other Japanese denim manufacturers can’t reproduce. Once on board, Padmore added additional cuts to the original 21oz 634; the Devil’s Fit (666), The Beatle Buster (B01), and the straight cut (DC4001) to name a few.

It’s been five years since the duo paired up to bring the company to its current state, and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. A cut and sew line has been added in addition to the newer denim models, which range from shirts, t-shirts, sweats, jackets, accessories, and even hardware! These additions to the Iron Heart line have been added as the company grew, but with consideration for Haraki’s original intention of delivering long-lasting, quality products.


Iron Heart doesn’t stop at products to define their quality.

Another critical addition to the brand was the inception of an online forum based on Giles’ UK Iron Heart webpage. Again, the forum differentiates the company from other Japanese denim companies. The forum is a vessel in which customers can talk to Giles as well as other seasoned Iron Heart veterans. Various topics are posted and talked about, boosting the level of knowledge and love for the brand.

Giles and Shinichi believe that a product’s quality doesn’t stop at the product itself. They both have the shared belief that everything they do determines the quality of the company as a whole. The result of this belief is unmatched customer service, avenues in which the customer and company can communicate, and a developing collective in which people share one love.

Without doubts, Iron Heart will continue to grow, while representing true indie fashion in the Sweetest sense.

feature and gallery photo credit: Iron Heart UK & Iron Heart UK set

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