Going to see your favorite artist can be an unforgettable experience in your life. Not only do you get to hear your favorite music play on a sound system capable of shaking your entire body, but you get to be a part of an experience with other people that feel the same way you do.

The arguments of whether or not cell phones should be allowed at shows has been raging on for quite a while now. I remember when I went to see Autolux in 2010 on the heels of Transit Transit, the crowd was immediately met by anger from the band when concertgoers pulled out their cellphones and began to record video. It’s understandable. Music is about connection. In a world where cameras are seemingly accessible on every device, it’s easy to lose sight of that connection when all you’re concerned about is posting to Instagram. I am not saying that I am not guilty of it, because I am, but one thing I have trouble understanding are tablets at shows (believe it or not, it actually happens).

“Tablets are whack.”

When you’re packed in a room full of over 200 sweaty people or more, the last thing you want to see is a giant brick in front of your face. Tablets are whack. Through a sea of small illuminated screens, the tablet becomes the aircraft carrier in the room. Chances are, if you’re standing next to this person, you’re going to bump into it, and you’ll either be met with a simple sorry or some unavoidable confrontation. It’s obnoxious.

Tablet’s are cumbersome, expensive, and unnecessary at shows, so please be cool and leave the food tray at home for your personal use. Thank you.

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