Top 6 Videos You Should Watch On Halloween

Get Scared, Stay Scared

Halloween night is almost here and you know what that means, it’s time to bust out the Ouija board and candles because poltergeists are always a good way to stay haunted. This week rather than just bring you music, we dug up some intriguing videos that could simultaneously be categorized as a bad trip. So stay tuned and enjoy.

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

“I want your soul.” It doesn’t get much scarier than that and whether or not you believe in souls, you cannot deny that Aphex Twin has a way of making you uncomfortable at times with the distorted manipulations in his complex compositions. The video is a panic attack of the worst kind.

Röyksopp – The Drug

Fear is not something enjoyable, it usually gives us a fight or flight response, so naturally people enjoy safety. “It’s going to be ok, right?” You’re brain tries to deny the fact that things are going wrong, but they are. Much like Röyksopp‘s the Drug, everything is fine until it isn’t. One minute you’re walking through an abandoned industrial complex full of rabid dogs and the next you’re running away from zombies with boils on their faces.

The Shoes – Time To Dance

In the animal kingdom, some predators stalk their prey before making a lethal attack. The Shoes‘ Time To Dance depicts Jake Gyllenhall as a psycho killer who will stop at nothing until his targets have been murdered. Gyllenhall bludgeons, slashes, stabs, and chokes his victims to death, but the one question we have is: What do you have against hipsters Jake? Calm the fuck down.

Animal Collective – Peacebone

Fancy yourself in a relationship with a tentacled flesh eating monster? Apparently the woman in this Animal Collective video does, sticky saliva and all. While the song is happy-spirited, the video plays out like more of a dark comedy as the two go out on a date filled with carnival rides and vandalism. Running from the cops and being in love never felt so strange.

Broken Social Scene – Sweetest Kill

Speaking of love, this is one femme fatale you’re going to wish you hadn’t gotten into a relationship with. What we can only assume as a good ol’ fashioned smothering, this woman needs to dispose of her lovers body. How do you do that? Simple, lay some plastic on the ground and chop his limbs off with an axe! Or if that doesn’t work use a hacksaw, hell, use whatever you have and then bury the body in the backyard. Love is sweet like that.

Flying Lotus – Ready Err Not

This might be the most terrifying video on the list. Right from the beginning it’s non-stop gore, cannibalism, and mutilation. Flying Lotus, aka Steven Ellis, is decapitated in the beginning and his head goes through a terrifying journey down the darkest tunnel you can imagine. David Firth, creator of Salad Fingers, is the mastermind behind this work of art. This is pretty much as weird as it gets.

Hope you enjoyed all the blood! Stay sweet y’all.

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