Drankin’: Footwork Is The Future Playlist

Are You Down With Chi-Town's Underground?

So I’m having a few beers and I start thinking about it. Right now House music is starting to get big in America. There is no mistake about it, it’s everywhere. Bros from the Brostep scene are even starting to catch on. “Bro do you like Deep House.” Yes bruh, I do, but to be real, it’s kind of boring sometimes. There’s a new sound in the midst and I guarantee you it will never be on the mainstream radio. Born out of Chicago, Footwork combines hip-hop, elements of Trap, and Juke for a fast paced futuristic sound. DJ Rashad is credited with making the scene as famous as it is now. You’re probably thinking, “The fuck is Footwork?” Believe it or not it’s been around since 2010, but it’s starting to become a much bigger scene spreading to the UK and Japan.

Much like Drum & Bass, the tempo is usually around 160bpm except it’s not drum and bass. Whether you think there is more rhythm in one or the other is up to you, but for me Footwork is all about dancing. It’s fast enough for you to move your feet, and hood enough for you to get down to. Other notable artists are Machinedrum, DJ PayPal, Addison Groove, DJ Earl, Spinn, and TASO. I think it’s music of the future and sadly, it will never catch on because it’s so future. No one in the states is ready for it, but I think it’s extremely dope that Chicago champions it.

Not to mention this shit is so complex. If you ever pay close attention to the drum loops, and how often they slice beats, it’s crazy. This music is so ill, really, so here are 5 of the coolest tracks I’ve found in the last year:

Beyonce – Mine (Machinedrum RMX)

DJ Spinn – Thots

DJ Rashad & Spinn – On Site

DVA & Addison Groove – allyallrecords

TASO – SaxXx 160bpm D#

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