Simply Trill: Oct. 13, 2012

Wakey wakey!!! It’s the weekend AKA party time AKA fuck-a-job ¦D

This one’s huge. Na I mean, dis one’s bangin’. It’s def a lil nastee, but you can handle it.

Yung Simply Trill back wit da club music; the drivin’ fast & movin’ dat ass music.

01. Doctor Jeep – Turok EP

If Indie Playlist is like smooth butta love, Simply Trill’s the rough stuff. Check dis turnt up preview of Turok by Doctor Jeep accompanied by Lil Texas & C.Z. of M|O|D, Obey City, and Kat Fyte. Straight dancefloor business fo’ the freaks, geeks, and all da buttcheeks~

Don’t miss the official release on 10/29 by Freshmore.

02. Ben Aqua – Trap Song (Relevant Radio Rap Hit)

Maybe u feel a lil negs about the state of trap music. Maybe you’re looking for something more conceptual like Weird Al or something.

Ben Aqua been getting that mad social network steez just by making this track entirely with his lips ‘n teef (hmmm I wonder if they gold; maybe it helps with production quality).

Netizens had these #rare comments to leave for Ben:

  • RelRelRelRelRelRelRelRelRelRelRelRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr
  • this is a great style!! where did you find it tho
  • So creative BB
  • Rap game Michael Winslow
  • LOL

03. Prime Slime – The Future (Wooferface Remix)

Are contemporary electronic music trends takin’ the UK funky/Eurozone electronic aesthetiq to the next level?

Maybe Chicago footwork sounds a lot more appealing since it potentially pairs well with notes of #trap songs and hints of relevant radio rap hits.

Trends, genres — dildonics. Wooferface saw the future and put his own slick take on this original Prime Slime juke track, plain and simple. F W I.

04. KONG – The Dankles Mix

If you’ve been out of the loop with future bass music for whatever reason — dog ate your headphones, your bro needed your ethernet cable to LAN — KONG’s gotchu covered with 22 traxxx that’ll make you say he da action

05. Riker – Showstoppin’ (DannityManez)

Ay playa, you werkin’ wit a showstopper? Does she do the thangs that the other girls don’t do? Can I get a peep game?

Riker stoppin’ the show (4sho) with this slow’d variation on a tune by Dannity Kane  Manez.

06. Flosstradamus – X☮

Don’t worry twerk team, I’ll pick up da pace for u. Flosstradamus is back with their latest EP called X☮, featuring the hardstyle-trap fusion released earlier this year on the Total Recall EP.

PROTIP: It’s a journey for only the bravest of souls. Is yo cheeks up to the tasssk?

07. Chaos In The CBD – Rolling 84’s / Slab / Trunk Music

WWW.ARNING! Audiophiles, this set is a 64kbps preview of Chaos In The CBD’s latest ClekClekBoom release. If you need that hi-def tip, ask da Sweetest Drip OGs.

Flex dat wallet and buy it if you truly and relly like it.

Y’already kno yo brus at Sweetest Drip got it streaming if u ever wanna try it.

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