Hiatus wouldn’t be the right word for it. Sweetest Drip was undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts, but now we’re back and to kick off the rebirth of the website we wanted to give you some solid party tracks, because let’s face it, you’re going to be face down in a puddle of dog piss by the end of the night. Anyone catch that Boiler Room?

DJ Paypal – The Ride (I’m Faded)

LuckyMe has been killing it lately and Berlin-based producer DJ PayPal released a set of some Drake edits a few months back for free. Having just finished the “Buy Now” tour with TEKLIFE’s DJ Earl, the man has proven he knows his way around Footwork. These remixes combine the energy of the genre and douse it with Drake’s tears. Maximum flow achieved.


Jimmy Edgar – Who’s Watching

Watch the video. Just trust me on that. Ultramajic founder Jimmy Edgar has released yet another melter for the dancefloor. Who’s Watching invokes all the paranoid feelings you get from walking down your hallway alone in the dark at night while reminding you that shadowy figures are on some basic shit. Turn this one up, don’t be scared.


Transfigures #1: Sidewalk Kal – Champagne Forever (Daedelus Sabrage Remix)

Having just released his album on Los Angeles’ Brainfeeder, Daedelus is having a good time right about now. This remix of Sidewalk Kal will have you bouncin’ and saying, “Champagne forever,” as you walk up to the club with two bottles in your hand. Try it. The bouncer will not give a fuck.


Djemba Djemba – Macking In The Car (That I Don’t Drive)

Inspired by a friend who doesn’t have a license; Djemba Djemba managed to bring me back to the days when I was chauffeured around by my best friend because I refused to drive my busted Civic. This tune is on something weird and we like it. Cop the free download on his Soundcloud and play this one when you’re in the back of your homie’s ride mackin’ on something.


Lindsay Lowend – I Parked My Plymouth On Pluto. Next To Currensy, Kendrick, And Talib’s

Dance Dance Revolution inspired Lindsay Lowend of Madison House takes deep bass and violates it with his boys Currensy, Kendrick Lamar, and Talib Kweli. The track will keep you wanting more with its unpredictability just like Kendrick’s aggressive lyricism at the end will stab you in the brain with your nose bone. This track is certified solid so download and add it in the collection.


There you have it, the five party tracks that are bringing in Sweetest Drip. Be sure to keep it locked and expect a new playlist every week from us. The party is real. Stay sweet everyone.

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