FKA twigs Creates Alternate Universe With Google Glass


Young Turks artist, FKA twigs directed and starred in a conceptual video for Google Glass titled “#throughglass”. A beautiful marriage between high-tech and artistic expression, FKA twigs exhibits the tech by Googling Vogue Dance and immediately dances Vogue in front of a mirror. Realizing that she has full control of her surroundings, she Google’s “dominant krumping,” and is joined by dancers of the scene, shortly before she amuses herself with a group of gymnasts. The entire video flows to a remixed version of “Video Girl” coming hot off the release of her album, LP1, while incorporating the unreleased track “Glass & Patron.” This is a technological wet dream that takes you into a different plane of existence, whether you’re ready for it or not. Check out the video below and step into the future.

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