4 Kids About The Thug Life


If you grew up in the 90’s, chances are you’ve heard about the Thug Life. Tupac Shakur was all about it. The Thug Life was ingrained in his skin, literally.

While drunkenly exploring the internet last night, I stumbled across a video on YouTube with the title, “11 Year Old Thug.” Curious as to what an 11 year-old thug was all about, I checked it out.

“I’m 11, so shut the fuck up.”

The video is about 16 seconds long and features a young girl ranting about how people on YouTube don’t know her age. Immediately I stopped caring, but decided since the video was so short, I’d keep going. All of the sudden out of nowhere she tells her haters that she is 11 years old so shut the fuck up. The video ends with the camera panning in on her face while Snoop Dogg’s Serial Killa plays casually in the background.

Wanting to know more about what had just happened, I dug through the depths of Google and found out there were more videos like the one I had just saw. In fact, there is an entire group on Reddit called Unexpected Thug Life. Videos are rated True Thug if they end with unexpected thuggery, a zoom, 90’s era g-funk music, and Thug Life flair, but if the video is rated Thug, then it has no flair. Some of them are extremely good.

Here are 4 videos these kids will regret when they’re looking for a job after college:

11 Year Old Thug

Can’t Tie My Shoes Thug

Nerf Gun Thug

Hurry Up and Take A Selfie Thug

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