Indie Playlist: October 2012 #Sandy

Sweetest PSA: Add this free download of Prelude: Sandy and our indie playlist to your emergency kit.

Cuddle up wit something nice and don’t let the storm get in your Sweetest way. Stay positive AKA 100.

Together our hip thrusts will keep Sandy at bay!

01. Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru

Theme: Fuq a Sandy I’m feelin’ squeaky fresh!

Cashmere Cat cat-ers (lol) to the ‘net & club kids’ quest to find da chillest (trillest?) future electronic bass sounds, proving once again that 808s may very well be some Ancient Aliens shit. Really tho, I’m likin’ this Norwegian bbg’s squeaky-fresh touch. The Mirror Maru EP is already out via Belgian indie record label Pelican Fly; just be sure to give her a Kiss Kiss and listen to her other tracks on SoundCloud.

02. Cosmic Cat – Enlightening

Theme: Fuq a Sandy I’m enlightened~

If you don’t already feel it, Cosmic Cat’s on that head-in-da-clouds path. He’s a yung bru out of Paris making all authentic Cosmic Beats with which you can find your inner chillionaire. While you’re peepin’ Cosmic Cat’s work, take note of all the links to all the other SoundClouds with similarly awesome experimental hip-hop vibes.

03. ViktorStone – CosmicSupremacy

Theme: Fuq a Sandy I’m beating off.

More on the cosmic tip… why are we always coming back to this topic? Beats me lol! Like I said, jus’ chill wit us for a bit and let the tru vibes keep your head straight. If you’re liking what you’re hearing, you’ll find a lot more goods at the Astral Basement.

04. P_ATCHWORK – U Were in My Dreams

Theme: Fuq a Sandy I’m still dreaming

Another day, another morning slept in. Maybe cause u were in my dreams again. Halloween is soon and though I don’t believe much in it, maybe you’re haunting me. Whatever doe, I’m not scared. I got deez beats in my ear and a heart wifout fear. Thanks for the good vibes, P_ATCHWORK.

05. Contact Lens – New Born

Theme: Fuq a Sandy I’m poppin’

Contact Lens back wit his signature “collar pop” if u namean. You can’t help it; you’re so fresh you’re new born. Peep Mediafire Kingdom when it comes out because u kno CL always 100 with his werk.

06. Infinity Frequencies – Sunset Limited

Theme: Fuq a Sandy I’m fuq’n my mr./mrs.

Bets on how many people riding out the storm are gonna end up riding it out wit a sweet honey / fine sir between da sheets? Lemme spin dis ambient sex music for u, care of Infinity Frequencies.

All this rain making me sleepy , but all the girls wet so oh well ….. — DJ Sliink


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