Jamie XX Sleep Sound Is The Most Beautiful Music Video of 2014

“Music is a medium formed by silence and sound. I was on the train listening to music, when a girl who had been staring at me for a while handed me a note explaining that she was deaf and could almost feel the music by watching me. This moment came back to me as I listened to “Sleep Sound” for the first time. I felt the desire of going deeper. It is with gratitude that I found participation from the Manchester Deaf Centre, who believed they would feel the same way. I hope this is a beginning of a journey where love, imagination, silence, and music join together to become whole.”

Stop acting tough for a second, let down your guard, and feel something. It’s ok to be alone and just appreciate everything around you. Life is so complex with all of it’s complications and it’s easy to get sucked into a black hole of your own problems. This is the first music video I have ever seen that has managed to make tears come out of my eyes and make me smile at the exact same time. For someone to be born without the gift of being able to hear to say that they can feel a piece a music by someone else’s movement is something I can’t describe. Music is an integral part of the human spirit, it is imagination, it is silence, and it is most definitely love. Jamie xx‘s Sleep Sound is truly something out of a good dream in terms of sound. I know that this video isn’t new, but I felt compelled to write something about this. It’s incredibly moving.

Watch the video below and experience it for yourself:

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