Jared Dymbort: More Than 'Instru Mental' [Interview]

Jared Dymbort

Jared Dymbort hit us up the other day;

he sent us a music video called Family Values and there was somethin’ bout it that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Maybe you’ll know what I’m talking about after watching!

Jared Dymbort – Family Values


I hope you enjoy reading the ♥ 2 ♥ we had over email:

Reuel: First of all, thanks for contacting us about the Family Values music video. The video pairs really well with your instrumental, and the acting on behalf of yourself and the extras was spot on (great facial expressions/body language!). Could you give Sweetest Drip an idea of what you were trying to convey through the song and video?

Jared Dymbort - Family Values (directed by Tony Borden & Brendan Ferrer)

Jared: Thank you! We had an incredibly talented crew of people that worked both on and off camera. I approached Brendan and Tony to do a music video for Family Values, and they came back to me with an idea for the story. I contributed some ideas, but the video is very much a product of their awesome work. I think we all recognized that the music I do is sort of soundtrack oriented.

I don’t consider myself an actor by any means, but I very much enjoyed the challenge of working without dialogue. In regards to what we were trying to get across, I think we were mostly interested in telling a story from beginning to end over the course of four minutes. I’ve heard a few people tell me their interpretation of what the video meant to them, which is awesome.

Jared Dymbort – Family Values EP

Reuel: What inspirations led you to creating Jared Dymbort. . . Gets Instru Mental? When you compose instrumentals, do you often write with vocals/other accompaniments in mind? Two thumbs up for the Hani Zahra version of Family Values and Lifeless featuring Bogan Via; both songs feel like you’ve got a hold of your vision.

Jared: Specifically, I heard Ariel Pink’s Are You Gonna Look After My Boys? for the first time while riding the subway in mid-October of last year, and then proceeded to listen to that song about ten more times in a row. That track is so peculiar, it elicited a strong reaction out of me. Part of that was inspiration, which led me to decide to record an album.

I’ve been in a few bands over the last ten years, and I realized that night that it was time for me to put out music by myself. I’ve done hundreds of recordings–virtually none of which sound like …Instru Mental–but I wanted to start a project from scratch. I randomly picked December 13th as the day that I’d release the album. That gave me about two months to write, record, mix and master the record. I’m glad that I met that that deadline.

Jared Dymbort – Gets. . . Instru Mental

For the instrumentals, I tend to write the sections in blocks. It’s one of the beautiful things about working with MIDI– you can re-arrange and chop up parts fairly easily. For …Instru Mental I didn’t think in terms of vocal melodies (though Family Values was originally written on acoustic guitar with vocals and lyrics in November of 2009). On Lifeless off the E.P., I definitely kept Bogan Via’s music stylings in mind as I wrote it and I think Bret and Madeline sound amazing on it. Those two are making great music together.

Reuel: Can you give us any recommendations of indie artists, indie bands, or collectives that inspire you?

Hani Zahra – Dressed For Nothing

Jared: Hani Zahra, who appeared on the E.P., is one incredibly talented musician. He’s going to be putting out music soon that I feel is going to really impress people. He has such a tremendous work ethic, and it’s been a privilege to have played with him in the past.

Reuel: What are your plans for 2012? We’re hoping that you and the furry prankster from Family Values didn’t vanish forever!

Jared Dymbort chillin'

Jared: I hope that prankster doesn’t disappear either! I’d love to see what happens after the video. Maybe the two of them end up living in a tiny New York apartment, getting into arguments while causing grief for their neighbors. I’ve begun work on my next album, which I’m looking to put out by the end of the year. I want this next album to move away from …Instru Mental into new territory. The songs were fairly short (which I wanted– I was going for an album where the listener jumped into different moods rapidly) but now I’d like to try some longer songs that are more dense with an abundance of sounds.

I’m enjoying messing around with pitch shifted drums and patterns that are harder to lock onto on first listen. I’m also looking to explore reverb a bit more. I believe it sometimes gets solely associated with acts from the ’60s and ’70s, but there’s so much you can do with rooms and spaces.

I’m also trying out a few different things for a live act, so hopefully there’ll be some shows this summer. For the live act, I’m looking to expand on the arrangements from the record and try out some different instrumentation, namely more organic instruments such as electric guitar. One of the advantageous things for electronic acts is that they can really shake up their sound for live shows. I’m considering doing a set in a fashion where one track seamlessly blends into the next, a la DJ sets. I really appreciate live acts that are visually interesting, so we might throw in some antics on stage. Most importantly, I want to get booties shaking.

If your indie playlist is in need o’ dat Sweetest new indie music, Jared Dymbort is a must.

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