Cream Child – Venetian Fox (Knight One Remix)

Before we begin, take a listen to the Knight One remix of Venetian Fox, it is so damn clean. Chewy yet smooth, relaxed yet dance-worthy, these are boss qualities that were somehow made into audio.

Knight One LogoPersonas are interesting things, though they initially start off as a mask for an artist to wear and approach the public, a good one will eventually develop a back-story of its own, quickly becoming much more than an avenue of communication between an artist and audience — it becomes the personification of their relationship, and for the fans of Knight One, that means the horse straps of interpretations are loosed, the swords of dance swung high, and the helmets of imagination forever put on.

As Knight One’s tunes smoothly resonate within my heart, and gently launch into my veins, I can only be glad to experience a compositional chivalry that never fails to deliver a touch of moat-crossing funk.

We’ve been a fan of Netherlands-based Knight One since the earlier days of Sweetest Drip, and following the release of his latest song, “Onyx” (also featured on this Monday’s Indie Playlist) from the Remix86 FOGO VOL. 1 compilation (it’s free btw), we were excited to get an interview with him via email.

Knight One – Onyx

Howard: Can you give us your name & brief bio? When did you start producing music as Knight One?

Knight One: My name is Knight One.

“The one knight cavalry telling tales of unlikely powers, crying swords and lost filtered dreams.”

Whilst his illustrious heritage stays clouded like a thick layer of autumn fog, people only carefully whisper about his existence and persona.

Various tales and myths have called him numerous names,

but people just call him:


Remix 86 FOGO Vol 1 Album Art

Howard: Is this your first project, or have you been involved in music before?

Knight One: I’ve always listened to a lot of music growing up, this occurred because my family has a rich musical heritage. My dad is a Blues/Rock ‘n Roll musician, so growing up I was always exposed to the textures and melodies of this type of music. Looking back now, I remember the first progressions in music I could recognize, were the classic Blues progressions, they somehow stuck with me all these years.

After being influenced by what was accessible at home, I started listening to all types of music.

It always seemed logical for me to someday embark on my own, personal music journey. So, I’m glad I found my own little way of expressing myself via music. I guess the music I make now is a progression of everything that has influenced me over the course of the past years. Even if you don’t hear it directly, I guess it’s in there somewhere.

Howard: I can’t believe I haven’t run into your tracks sooner. How did you get started with your sound?

Knight One: I think the typical “Knight One sound” came across, like I said earlier, by me trying to give every genre or style of music I admire and adore a place in my tracks.

It started off with a sequencer, an ’83 DX-7 by Yamaha, a bunch of ideas and a filter.

Knight One – Kiss

Howard: Smooth, chewy, funky and soulful. We’re huge fans.

Knight One: I appreciate that, thank you very much!

Howard: Any advice for beginners?

Knight One: Follow what your heart is telling you, and create music for yourself first and foremost. Be honest towards yourself, be creative, stay humble and have fun with it.

Howard: Upcoming tours/release dates? Please come to America?

Knight One: I’m working on a lot of tracks at the moment, lining up the first official releases and talking to multiple companies. So there is a lot to come this year. I’m very excited!

It would be amazing to come to America, that is definitely one of my dreams, to tour The States and perform my music in front of people who appreciate it. I would love to try and set up a U.S. tour, but it all depends on promoters booking me there of course.

Knight One – Heritage (Life Could Be)


A very special thanks to Knight One for working with us. We hope the best on the road to permanent boss-hood. Check out the rest of Knight One’s music HERE and don’t forget to add him on Facebook.


Signing out,

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