Indie Playlist Monday: April 9, 2012

Indie Playlist Monday: April 9, 2012

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01. Towa Tei – The Burning Plain
(feat. Yukihiro Takahashi & Kiko Mizuhara)

Reuel: Though The Burning Plain video is almost a year old (and not indie), I absolutely made sure to include it on today’s playlist cuz I call da shots. On the real though, ultra-haute Kiko werks it 100 and Towa Tei comes thru clean; radiant qualities of any Sweetest Driplet.

02. SaiR – Bright

Roddy: Really feeling this track from SaiR. I am getting some Daft Punk vibes from it in the fresh sense (not the unoriginal wanna-be-Daft-Punk sense).

03. Munk & Peaches – You Can’t Run From My Love

Reuel: Munk and Peaches lite up ur luv stuff with this video treatment/hottt track off of the Gomma-released Casablanca Reworks EP.

04. Zimmer – Slave To Your Heart (Xinobi Remix)

Roddy: Awesome remix by Xinobi! It’s a bit on the loungey side and that’s all good!

05. Knight One – Onyx

Reuel: Knight One is back to test ur dancin’ shoooooes with dat signature slickness (with an upcoming feature from Howard).

06. Solar Bears – Cosmic Runner

Reuel: Solar Bears announced their upcoming Supermigration album today and shared this trippy lil cruise through time and space with us.

07. Volta Cab – Let’s Get Stoned

Roddy: Ya know it!

08. Jared Dymbort – Family Values

Reuel: Jared Dymbort hit up Sweetest Drip to make sure we’re workin’ with some Family Values in mind. Yet another feature by young bb Reuel in da werks!

09. TNGHT – Introducing… TNGHT

Reuel: Hudson Mohawke and Lunice got somethin’ 2 get u out of yer Mundane Mondaze.

10. Heatwolves – BL▲CKCLOUDBL▲CKR▲IN // 黑云黑雨

Reuel: Damn son, where’d u find that? Real trap shit mixed by a Ameribru in Shanghai.

We’ll be sure to keep your seat warm and the groove intact until next week’s indie playlist — Sweetest Drip got yer back.

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