Ta-Ku Releases Drive Slow, Homie Pt. IV

In a year full of fuck that shit, Ta-ku kept it pretty clean.

Let’s be real: This has got to be one of the shittiest years ever — but then every year’s been one of the shittiest years — and while we pretend to ignore it by going to massive parties and neglecting to vote during midterm elections (which is seriously the reason why every year feels like the shittiest years), Ta-ku has been busy hustling over in Oceana, starting a barber shop and getting bigger and bigger in the music world. GJ bru.

One of the highlights that have made 2014 bearable so far has been due to his series of mixes called Drive Slow, Homie released via HYPETRAK ( 🙁 ). Honestly, we’d believed that Part 3 would be the last of it, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Say hello to Part 4, another set of beautiful tracks to keep your rage to a minimal when you’re on the road.



And if you run a train through that, give Parts 1 to 3 a listen, if you haven’t already.


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