Spönge: June 15, 2012

Your life-steak looks bland. Let’s salt it up with some  recently-released music (related) videos. Today’s grouping is all around the place, as internet things tend to be, and spans some kind of gamut between euro-folk stuff and some slick OG themes. As always, exhale, lean back, hustuluuuuuuu

– Brought to you by a bunch of random trill people who happen to be online.

01. Krazy Baldhead – Empty Boy

02. Tomas Barfod – November Skies

03. My Dry Wet Mess – Etcetera

04. Strip Steve feat. Puro Instinct – Astral Projection

05. Passion Pit x We Are Serenades – Birds

06. MOMPOX – Perfect Service

07. Joey Bada$$ feat. CJ Fly – Hardknock

08. TeamSupreme Vol. 9

09. School Is Cool – The World Is Gonna End Tonight + In Want Of Something

10. L$D – Don’t Smoke My Blunt Bitch

11. Ghibli – Babyface

12. WHEEZ-IE – Remember The Score (Video Edit)


Scouts first, monuments later.

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons By Alvesgaspar (own work)

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