Spönge: September 5, 2012

oh my gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Maybe it’s too uncool to pour your #feels on the Internet. Fuck it, I already opened the floodgates and I’m riding the Treuel-wave 100%

This is a rel glimpse into some tru feelings I’m experiencing lately. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t. Jus’ wanna love u hard, Sweetest bbs.

01. PEPPERBOY – Felon

Praise the law of attraction (or whatever) for bringing PEPPERBOY into my life! I could quote Felon all day cause it’s a DAYAM true and real example of trill in my books. I’ll leave you with this [ACE/STELLAR/TOP-SHELF] line doe:

“Real rap, the world don’t respect this
at my shows; put the hood on the guest list.”

02. Cool Rainbows – Reality And A Clue

Real talk, I’m all about the #feels. Based off not knowing anything about this artist in advance and watching this video 100% sober, I can tell you that Reality And A Clue feels good man.

03. Dan Bodan – Aaron

There’s nothing more Internet-intimate than putting the HD camera directly on the subject — in this case on universal lil bro, Dan Bodan. Whether it’s from the choice of footage, lyrics, or the starfish--shaped bottlecap reference (PROTIP: watch these videos before reading my descriptions), the world is gifted a glimpse into Dan’s #trufeels.

04. Tonik ft. Johann Kristinsson – Snapshot Two

Snapshot Two is one of those intelligent dance music-type tracks that, played at the right moment, can do some pretty profound magicks to your inner-core. Or not.

Did anyone get to watch Samsara yet? I’d imagine this video would fit in really well. Someday I’d like to go to India to get Holi colors all up in my face like this stoic Asian journeymane.


Though Psy broke dat 100 milli YouTube views and became the Biebs’ newest oppa, I want my coolbrus and chillbbs to know more about yung G-DRAGON. He’ll treat you right wit that xx.

http://sunnysexual.tumblr.com/post/30393091226/letterman-ahjussiSWEETEST DRIP FIGHTING!

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