Spönge: September 26, 2012

Sooyoung Blinking Like a QUEEN

We’re all about’s that rotation hurr at Sweetest HQ — y’know like when we keep inconsistent (rotating) posting schedules. If you tap your head long enough with an ice pick (don’t do that doe) you’ll see that it keeps you fresh and us quivering to try new things… or whatever other b-shit excuse makes us #LookPretty bitchessssss.

Here’s another dose of  Spönge, our weekly focus on new music videos and video-based art/collaborations. We’re not the best at selecting this kind of stuff, so if you think your art-school creds can do better, put your assessments where your mouth is, ’cause we believe you, but you have to submit it.

Today’s Theme: Living yo #rare lyf.

01. ASHGRAY(애쉬그레이) – KILLHEEL (Feat. 길미)

Coming through to you from Korea via growing indie label Soundholic Entertainment, ASHGRAY is not about you forcing animals inside your balls (pokémangz) and dexing it up. They’re about putting some clean morning swag in your sexual coffee. My liver has an acoustic boner everytime I play this shit.

Keep your eye on Soundholic Ent., they’re definitely something interesting coming out of Asia.


Summer has closed itself out, setting the stage for the wet and the damp to roll through — just in time to act as the picture-perfect backdrop for Frenchie duo TOYS‘ sombre new music video, ‘Noise’. The MV runs parallel to the release of their Natural Plastic EP. Give it a listen (totally free to stream), dip a marguerite into your Orangina & reminisce.


FlyLo’s on track to release a new album the first week of October titled Until the Quiet Comes. It’s been 2 years since Cosmogramma homies (some of you can drink legally now!), and the Fall/Winter dance frenzies can already be felt (you can go to those now too!). Here’s a lil’ tastie of what’s upcoming via ‘Putty Boy Strut’.


‘Varúð’ off of Sigur Rós’ recently-released album Valtari,  has a shit ton of different versions due to what I think was some kind of film-making campaign (2lazy2googl). The original video didn’t make me sad enough, or confused at the lack of resolution in the story. I wanted tears and rage. Tears & fucking rage & goddamn Korean food. Lucky for me, German cinematographer Nils Clauss looks to be stuck in Korea for some reason. Here’s his version after following a homeless man around. Lolbbl.


So Dam-Funk was supposed to release a full-length with Stones Throw Records this Summer, but it looks to have been pushed back to next year. That sucks. Whatever, if it means a cleaner product I’m down for the wait, and we have music videos anyways amirite. Here’s a tune off the upcoming Invite the Light album titled ‘I don’t wanna be a star!’.

Damn though, seriously, if Prince was a thug + Pepper Boy’s cousin, he’d be Dam-Funk.


Hot off the heels of the Troubles full-length is TEED’s music video for ‘Your Love’, showcasing an interesting switch-up of TEED’s sound from the cacophony of disjointed sounds fueled by ‘vodker’ shots with a more lean and groovy UK housing. Do you like the change? IDGAF, it’s trillionaire enough for me to post.




Touch touch for last (x2) week’s music videos

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