G-Dragon and The Leaders: A Remix by DJ "Always 100" Noms

If you’re lookin’ to giddy up beyond the hallyu horizon with Psy, you’d do yourself dirt if you didn’t partner up with

Kwon Ji Yong AKA dat one of a kind oppa, G-Dragon.

GD has werk’d his way up the Korean pop industry for sixteen years, currently signed to hip-hop focused and now undeniably world-class label YG Entertainment (home to the horse dance).

As if G-Dragon alongside his Big Bang bros wasn’t stunning enough, our ever-positive bru Noms came thru 100% with an official shoutout to all our K-homies.

G-Dragon – The Leaders (Noms Remix)

The Leaders features Young GD flanked by the one and only baddest female CL as well as Teddy Park, master producer of many hott YG traxxx. It was one of the tracks on G-Dragon’s debut solo album Heartbreaker released in 2009 and is a swag anthem courtesy of the leaders from Big Bang, 2NE1, and 1TYM respectively.

G-Dragon feat. CL & Teddy – The Leaders (live on SBS 2009-12-29)

Noms, who’s no stranger to Sweetest Drip, put the remix touch to The Leaders by adding ample twerkable bass beats and trap trimmings. G G G G baby baby no wonder why I can’t stop replaying this track!

PROTIP for all da trill Westerners: Peep dat six degrees of separation tip between GD, Teddy, Noms, and. . . Diplo!

  • G-Dragon and fellow Big Bang badass TOP were a Knock Out together on a Diplo production.
  • Teddy and Diplo share the screen on a brief cameo in the music video for Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, and Lil Wayne’s Look At Me Now.
  • Noms has been featured on Diplo’s Mad Decent SoundCloud roundups.

More facts: Psy recently busted the 200 million view bubble on YouTube for Gangnam Style and poppin’ thangz like KCON are surely gonna leak a bit more of dat K-wave into lil miss Melting Pot.

It’s simple, Korean pop is fresh and increasingly werkin’ dat global appeal — Sweetest Drip and Google-oppa (lol) are here to facilitate yo sweet lil bb selves into a new world of entertainment.

G-Dragon - One Of A Kind music video

G-D comin’ thru lookin’ one of a kind via unitedkpop.com

It’s as easy as GD GD baby baby.

Shoutouts to Noms who’s always stackin’ 100s on top of mo 100s.

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