Diplo’s One Image Sums Up the Problem With Music Sites

Before we start on Diplo, let's take a trip down brain-exercise lane. Imagine the following:


Picture this: We’re hanging out at the beach — y’know keeping it casual — while I’m tickling your b-hole with a shy feather, when suddenly I go ahead and give you a donut with bacon bits on top, and FUCKING CHEESEBURGER FILLING in the middle.

What would your reaction be?

Personally mine would be: Shit thas nasty, but oooh you fancy.



I mean look at that bitch.

My point being, things like food being labeled as “good” can be so subjective from person-to-person –much like it does when it comes to music. After a few years in any scene, it becomes pretty clear that there’s not really much in the way of “right” or “wrong”. I mean look at how popular (“good”) dubstep was.

Personally, I’d still say fuck dubstep, but only because it’s not my scene.

You’ll still see me dancing to it if some of that shit dropped hard at a club…

…..0.2% of the time.


And, let’s be real, you have to acknowledge where it got Skrillex:


A photo posted by Jack Ü (@jackuofficial) on


He’s made fat stacks, now runs OWSLA, and does the Jack U thing. Any one of those accomplishments is still a lot more than what most people will be able to execute in two of their lifetimes.

The guy is savvy, and knows how to piece together a composition, and some fratbros and ratchet chicks love his stuff. Some of these same people also love classical music and Led Zeppelin. So are their tastes “bad”?

(Personally, yes, but I mean, again, only ’cause that’s not my bag).


So Why The Fuck Are Some Sites So Into Rating Shit?

Websites like DJ MAG and PITCHFORK have always been a thorn in my music experience side. Why are they so into judging shit so hard? I mean it’s not like you can keep consistent with your metrics when you’re looking at something so ephemeral as music. Your reviewers will always be flip-flopping depending on their mood, what they’ve been listening to recently, and what (salmon) they’ve been smoking.

Chances are homies, when you read a rating review, it’ll rarely actually mesh with what you think of an album, song, DJ/Producer performance on your own personal level, that’s the nature of a musical experience.

So when Diplo posted this one picture yesterday, it was like a breath of fresh air:


Keep doing your thing Random White Dude.

Maybe these publications will understand how embarrassing they make themselves look.

Hahahahha. Yeah right.

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