Noms: All Thangz Sweet 'n Drippin' [Interview + Mix]


Noms, words can’t express how we feel!

This Sweetest Drip xxxclusive mix is 2 wet, 2 fresh, ‘n 2 bwompin’ to thank uuu with words alone — so we hope booty bouncing (and a lovely ♥ 2 ♥) will suffice.

Noms – Swagu Drippin’ Mix 4 Sweetest Drip

Reuel: Ay Noms! We’re glad that you’ve chill’d hard with us on our Facebook group and continue 2 help curate the Sweetest tastes in music. What got u attracted to making an exclusive mix for young Sweetest Drip?

Noms: Haha man, I saw that you guys were down with the future bass, nxt lvl weird bass music, so I was definitely interested.

Reuel: How did you come up with the Swagu Drippin’ mix? What #rare, #based, and #inspirational tags should we give the mix? Any particular inspirations? Chillin’ with us for only a month or two and you already got some of the Sweetest tastes on lock ♪( ´▽`)

Noms: Ahhhh (*´▽`*)! Yesss. I came up with the swagu drippin’ mix because it’s literally dripping pure swag haha. 5 tags? #swag #tybg #lolwtfnoms #icey #positivevibez.

Reuel: Luh dat. How did your music-making begin? Where do you see it going from now?

Noms – Liquid Footwerk EP

Noms: Last year around May, I realized I wanted to produce music when I learned how hard it is to get gigs as a DJ nowadays. From then I was def hooked and started producing like a madman, asking people who already produce a ton of annoying questions — haha, guess it paid off!

And I see my music going multiple directions, cause I like to mess with a lot of different genres and keep it fresh.

Reuel: Who are some artists that you look up to? Feel free to give us some fresh recs!

Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers (Noms Flylo Booty Remix)

Noms: I look up to a lot of people, mostly peeps changing the game. Canblaster has had a huge influence on me cause he’s always on some other ish. Munchi is my dood and inspired me from day one. Cedaa has some dope tracks; his Stomp remix is just too good. Diplo is my dude! I love his releases and he has an eagle-eye for new talent and music. A biggie, and I hope to at least meet him someday, is definitely Flying Lotus. I saw him live in Boston and that was definitely life changing.

Reuel: Get us hip 2 the rest o’ dat local Bostonian tip!

Lil Texas – Off The Chain

Noms: Yessir! I have been slowly meeting Boston’s super-talented producers/DJs; some that have been helping me out and sending me ish would be Trap Arnold, Lil Texas, Yung Satan, Wheez-ie, Quam, DJ Vous, Chadley and Dr. Jeep. Don’t wanna forget my fam that’s been helping me get more gigs and exposure, Ardie and Ted Petsas.

Reuel: I know you’ve been featured in blogs like Mad Decent, Generation Bass, and Earmilk to name a few. Not only that, but your tracks have been on a couple noteworthy compilations lately!

Noms: Got so many homies that have helped me so much and we’re all pretty much internet family now, haha. Shout-out to DJ UMB who’s giving me the chance to release my EP on Generation Bass. Shout-outs to my Dance Meat Crew who IMO are gonna be monsters in a year. S/O to my boy Nadus who’s been really supportive and cool with me. I really appreciate everything blogs have done for me to get my weird bass music to the peoples!

Reuel: Any parting words? Sweetest Drip really appreciates our first exclusive mix from you!!! There are some sliccc track selections that really hit home and get a solid gold tear drippin’ down my cheek whilst twerkin’ it.

Snoop Dogg – Sensual Seduction (Noms Remix)


Noms: Last words? I luv u guyz for letting me do this mix– and this is mah first interview!!! Thanks to all my homiez for the #rare tracks and couldn’t of done it without ya~ Big tings this year! Stay locked ♥

Attention lil Driplets (especially our brus/bbs in da East Coast): In addition to this being young Noms’ first interview, he’s headlining a free show in Boston on May 9th.

Keep an ear out for our bru Noms!

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