Surround Urself Wit Da Sweetest Friends [PICS]


Have u evr had a crush on 1 o’ ur Friends?

Ghost Town DJs – My Boo (Friends’ cover)

I went to Soda Bar wif some of my close friends from San Diego (Saint Diago) last Friday 2 check out a hottt indie band lineup.

KO KO, TV Girl, and Friends put on a show that def got guy/girl panties ready 4 all types of sweet indie lovin’ — I’m a huuuuge fan of going 2 shows @ intimate settings and all three acts managed to coax dat warm-fuzzy feeling out of me!

PROTIP: Friends’ cover of  My Boo makes me wna let out a #rare and #inspirational golden teardrop.

But before I get into moar about my Friends,

I’m finna spit some hot fire pon de music of KO KO and TV Girl. KO KO started out the night and introduced themselves as a pretty new act, thought it was clear that the band had dat chemistry and the REAL LIFE SKILL-SET 2 make their act one of the most poppin’ indie bands I’ve seen live. I got to speak briefly with some of the band members, and let me b the first 2 tell u that they’re quite the gents.

KO KO – Float

I can say the same thing about TV Girl too! Their sound came thru loud and clean. Unlike some tired acts u might see at certain big-bang-4-da-buck venues/shows, TV Girl had their indie pop vibe on lock sans soulless gimmicks. A couple of my friends went to high school with the lead singer, who’s got that perfect chill-as-fuck-cause-I’m-beachside-son voice backed by totally fucking righteous instrumentals.

TV Girl – Girls Like Me 7″


Ay bb, hope u like deez pics of my beautiful Friends!


So I def, def, def have a friend crush on Samantha. The ice in my chest melted a lil bit when Sweetest Sammy gave me the bigggggest, most-realest hug I’ve received in a long-long time.

Friends – Friend Crush (Leo Zero Remix)

I mean, dat hug was s000000 touching that I absolutely had to see ’em off on Tuesday at Echoplex, this time as the opening act for Housse de Racket and Neon Indian (sorry for the lack of major-league coverage; truth is I’m a lazy muhfucca). What I appreciate most is that Friends are ultimately what they say they are, a bunch of tight-knit amigos wanting 2 express themselves 2 da world.

Friends – Mind Control (Radio Edit)

I don’t want to rule or be ruled; I just want the right to be cool
However I chose to do what I do; wherever I choose to be or with whom
Hey, I don’t need your money, I can grown my own food
I don’t need your beauty standard, I can be my own dude
And I don’t need tuition, I can be my own school
I don’t need your prescriptions, I can change my own mood

U can b da world’s top indie-futurostep-forward-thinking-wavetrap star and I def wouldn’t give u two minutes. But with bands like KO KO, TV Girl, and Friends open enough to express their art and feelings to us fans, I’m happy 2 say that trill (see: true and real) indie music and indie bands are still creative forces 2 b reckoned with, if not loved <3

Friends, TV Girl, and KO KO photo credit: David Nakamura

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