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Meet Leeds-native Matthew Relton. You might know him as Kidnap Kid, and you could even venture to say he’s a nice guy, that he likes to have fun and enjoys a more sophisticated palate in producing music. Yes, “doing all the things”.

Just give Vehl a listen.

Kidnap Kid – Vehl
Kidnap Kid Power Hat

Someone make me this cap. Plz.

I think that sums up Matthew quite well. Talented, heady and full of funky bounce, Relton’s Kidnap Kid brings an amazing balance between interesting and smooth breaks, slow and active build-ups and muted but powerful follow-through’s — showcasing a talent in composing (producing) music that may be mellow, but somehow never fails to impress your dome, refresh your ears and move your feet.

Like run-on sentences, Kidnap Kid has a natural flow that defies boring convention.

Disclosure – Tenderly (Kidnap Remix)

Through the amazing power of the internet, Matthew and I (hello, btw) discussed important things like what we think of your mole and stuff. Read below to find hot steamy secrets:


Howard: Could you give us a short bio? What’s your name? Where are you located and when did you start producing music?

Kidnap Kid: I started producing music about 3 years ago, but i’ve been djing since I was 15 and playing in bands for about 10 years.

Kidnap Kid Team Waxx

Kidnap Kid Team Waxx

Howard: Is this your first project?

Kidnap Kid: This is my first electronic project yes.

Howard: Your music manages to be really heady but absolutely danceable, what’s your primary focus with your [songs] (as in what do you want to see from the audience listening to your music)?

Kidnap Kid: You pretty much got it right in the description – I’m trying to write dancefloor music that is interesting to listen to at home as well. A lot of tracks with big basslines work well in clubs but are boring within a month, so I’m trying to avoid that basically.

Kidnap Kid – Lazarus Taxon

Howard: Goddamn your tracks are slick as f***

Kidnap Kid: Haha thanks man.

Howard: Any upcoming tour/release dates? Plans to head over stateside?

Kidnap Kid: My next release is due at the end of February. A few dates here and there but no tour planned I’m afraid. I’d love to come to America at some point, but nothing planned yet. Hassle your local promoters! Let’s make it happen.

Note: Can some promoters/bookers be my friend please? I want to bring Kidnap Kid over :<

Howard: Shout outs? Artist recommendations?

Kidnap Kid: Shout outs – Mike @ Squelch and Clap. He has helped me massively over the last year. Artist recommendations – Timbah. His new EP is sick, but doesn’t have much exposure.


At Sweetest Drip, we love the fact that Relton isn’t focusing on some “viral pop club shit” like everyone else — that’s really slick — and I personally recommend you keep an eye out for new material by the end of this month, if you like interesting music. If you can’t wait, here’s over 43 minutes of Kidnap Kid goodness.

Kidnap Kid – Mix for Welcome to Vibetown

Signing out, keep things tropibananini.

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