Lancelot, for your Valentine's Day

By the end of the day, you’ll want Lancelot to be yours.

Not keen to calling up a romance? Lancelot is a smooth operator with spoken word that may yet change your Valentine’s day fortunes:

Lancelot – Spoken Word
Lancelot 'We Can Dance' EP

Though words are hard to come by when describing true love, I find that glitzy disco house heralded in by cosmic beat-angels is a great substitute.

Let that warm-fuzzy feeling emerge from your soul as the classy piano intro is coaxed out of the song by an excited crowd of cherubs, brimming with YAAAAY.

The bass line serves as the esteemed waiter at your candlelight dinner for two, as if to approve of your choice of dancefloor romance.

As an up-and-coming producer based in Sydney, Lance Gurisik is releasing his We Can Dance EP on February 20th with Los Angeles-based, Binary Entertainment.

With a knack for synthy-as-funk discotech, Lancelot’s signatunes fly straight to the heart like Cupid’s arrow.

Lancelot – We Can Dance (Goldroom Remix)

Like fine wine and gourmet chocolates, Lancelot pairs up nicely with Binary veteran and LA tropicoolista, Goldroom on this We Can Dance remix.

I mean, give thought to all the things Lance is telling you in this song. Basically he’s got the S.S. Love Ya Right ready and waiting for you and your ears to dip into something a bit more comfortable.

Mixed feelings? Lancelot knows how to handle them:

Fabian – Last Flight (Lancelot Remix)

More of the “hit it and quit it” type? Lancelot can handle it; he’s got plenty of fans with which to share his love.

Every morning gotta say goodbye
I wanna thank you for last night.
I don’t remember what we said or did but
I will remember on my flight.

As if to prepare you with a means to fly away from the scene of a love crime, Lancelot’s Last Flight remix shares your same sentiment should you choose a new Valentine for February 15th and on.

Regardless of the adventure you choose (romantic/loner/player/DGAF). . .

Lancelot – KnighTime Mix Vol I.

. . .Valentine’s Day woes begone. We Can Dance ’em away. And if you don’t have a partner to share this fine day with,

why not go hand in hand with Lancelot?

featured photo courtesy of Duncan Byrne

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