Housse de Racket

Alésia by Housse de Racket

is the band’s latest, masterfully crafted full length release via French taste/buzzmaker Kitsuné.

I didn’t really pick up on Housse de Racket as a band but as a string of delicious, infectious remixes/ remixers popping up here and there.

This was during the electro scene heydays of 2007s – yeah, sOo many blog centuries ago.

Heavy on the synths but with rock sensibilities à la Poney Hoax (or a less chaotic Justice) made them somewhat of indie electro favourites, but they never really achieved the degree of exposure needed to garner a larger following.

Housse De Racket: a tale of 2 chill Frenchbros

HDR: 2 chill Frenchbros

2 chill Frenchbros (credit: Eithne Yvy via Flickr)

After touring excessively since their debut album Forty Love in 2008, the duo comprised of Victor La Masne and Pierre Leroux got together with producer extraordinaire Philippe Zdar to bring about Alésia.Zdar has worked with big names like Phoenix and The Rapture.

The song arrangement forAlésia leaves you with the impression that they were going for varied but consistent vibe.

And they pulled it off with songs ranging from indie rock to electronic to psychedelic while not feeling like they’re all over the place.

I am not going to go into the individual songs because it detracts from the entire work.

You already know about ‘Roman’ and some of you put some ears into ‘Chateau’, both songs do a job at enticing you to listen to the other material in the album.

Alésia has the signature sound of Housse de Racket: sharp, dancy, and electro-rock/pop-ish.


In terms of their overall sound, I feel Housse de Racket made this one a bit ‘less electro’ and due to a combination of things:

  • Their sound has evolved/progressed
  • Response to shifts in the collective indiesphere palate (electro sensibilities have changed a.k.a people wanna chill but not chill hard, they wanna dance but not necessarily want a banger).

Is Housse De Racket ready to make the leap?

Housse De Racket - Indie

(credit: Kmeron via Flickr)

Our Frenchbros have managed to create an album aimed at hooking many more ears to their brand while delivering an epic sounding album that stays true to their sound. But like anything in life it’s up to you to C.Y.O.A.

Are you gonna (illegally) download Alésia or buy it from iTunes?

Pitchfork doesn’t have a review for Alésia, does that make it more/less indie?

Do you like HDR’s actual songs or just the remixes?

Do you feel that Housse De Racket is poised to become a (more) relevant indie player with Alésia?

Housse De Racket feature photo credit: Kmeron via Flickr

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