drippin' wet Trippple Nippples

Like it or not,
Trippple Nippples is a genius name.

It’s hard to refresh genres, but “electropop” artists Trippple Nippples look ready to scale that mountain—in pasties—and get your attention (if their name or pasties haven’t done that already).

From frenetic intros to full-steam tribal/taiko-infused energetic beats, the Tokyo artists aren’t your normal female-fronted act.

And we’re very happy about that.

They’re going against the grain of bitch-ass electropop artists:

Instead of “edgy” music and “fashionable” trends by bowl-cut, latex-wearing diva’s, we’re presented with real, synchronized & expressive musical entertainment.

Flavor, if you will.

In Sweetest Drip-speak we’d call this full-blown, prosthetic mammaries drippin’, performance art SWAG.

From Crystal Fighters to Trippple Nippples,

it’s nice to run into groups showcasing a much-needed return to pure frigging EXPRESSION, while mixing in a tasty cocktail of interesting & well-done compositions.

It makes for more fun, and isn’t that what we’re here to have?

Why do we have to go to concerts where the whole front row looks like they’d be fine with leaning against the wall in the far back? Am I at some opera? Is.this.all.it.is?

Fuck no.

Trippple Nippple’s repertoire has the very real potential to help someone lose that kind of pretense.

Their acts are ritual pace-setters, the stage to make up for something horribly missing: audience inclusion. BTW, like biscuits, I am _____.

Do you hate Trippple Nippples. Drink the Haterade.

Sure, we can get into the standard details:

A set of Trippple Nippples

Multi-faceted and multicultural group, costume-focused, ballsy & punkish, but I’d like you to notice something pivotal — the vibe they’re trying to get you to feel:

Something unabashed, concerned about FUN presentation, detailed and breath-taking. That’s chill to the maximum.

The minds and bodies behind Trippple Nippples have managed to combine &  present a certain on-stage hypnotism, showcasing a skill that’s all but dead outside of Fringe Festivals and big-budget films.

The art of helping you lose yourself (maybe, preferably while you’re frying balls).

LSD — I heard it’s good for frying balls.

3x the Nippples than any other act.

Whether it’s fate or intent, the group’s choice of name and great energy are leading to a rising amount of buzz before they high-tail for a China & East-Coast US tour.

Sweetest Drip hopes they make it more west, to say, Los Angeles or something so we can appreciate their act live.

…Considering that outside of bandmates and a video deal, their Wikipedia page only talks about them being banned for having shows that were too intense:

From Trippple Nippples Wiki Nov. 2011

Oh yes.

And with a song as chill as Goldenroad,

We can’t wait to see them.

Trippple Nippples’ upcoming 2011-2012 tour dates.

trippple nippples par abadie bruno

Just swagging the fuck out (credit: abadie.bruno via Flickr)

December 2011
7th @ Yuyintang (Shanghai)
10th @ The Blockley (Philadelphia)
14th @ Glasslands (Brooklyn)
22nd @ Pianos (Manhattan)

January 2012
4th @ Shea Stadium (Brooklyn)

If you want to learn more, a full documentary called Tokyo Rising hosted by Pharrell is available here with video of Trippple Nippples.

Trippple Nippples feature photo credit: Yuka of Trippple Nippples

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