Frankenstein’s a rap genius, now decode that.

Young Snubnose Frankenstein

Frankenstein is a no frills, all trill rapper.

Eighteen years old and hailing from South Central, Frankenstein comes through looking clean on every track bearing his snubnosed delivery.

Well my real name is Shakir Givens, I’m now 18 from south central LA and I was introduced to music from my father who was in a group called Jurassic 5.

Most people know me as snubnose Frankenstein 1/4 of lousy human bastards and the baby with the parental advisory tag over his mouth that has been all over tumblr as of lately, but for the main part I just be rhyming and shit. (via Originality Kills)

Frankenstein’s debut mixtape was also well-reviewed by Teamwerk, who picked up on one of the same things that piqued my interest: Mitchgonenorth.

Frank gets away with the Mitch character for three reasons: first, it’s all love.

If we looked in his iTunes library, Gucci and Flocka would probably be well-represented.

He’s poking fun, not taking shots.  Also, he’s talented enough with the pen to completely assume these fictitious identities. Mitch alone could sustain a career for a few years if he wanted to.

Thirdly, he lampoons himself more than he does anyone else, repeatedly taking on the role of. . . a shit-talking hater who clowns Frank and loves Mitch. (via Teamwerk)

The tracks are free.
Frankenstein doesn’t need a dollar to validate them.

He doesn’t fish for an audience with auto-tuned, 808-laced hooks.

And if he ever does, it’s all in jest.

Frankenstein spits some of the realest heat without all the bells and whistles deemed necessary by the industry.

Influenced by his home of South Central, which happens to be the origin of some of the most recognized songs in hip hop and rap, he just does what he does.

On some tracks, the production quality sounds like a hooked up a Logitech microphone to a home computer. . .

. . .and on other tracks, Frankenstein 187s people he just doesn’t give a fuck about.

Eastside Paradise was almost entirely produced by the young sir himself, save for the above track produced by Key of OTG.

Frankenstein and the ladiesss.

Sorry all you Lil Debbie cakes, Mr. Givens is taken.

He does have a few songs for the ladiesss, however.

So this song is just one big ass triple entendre and can really be taken however you decide to look at it.

I wrote it about a girl I like that’s too afraid to let me in and show me how she really feels inside. But then again, it might be about sex.

Or maybe I just wrote it because I was too stubborn to get a Valentine’s day gift, its up to you to decide. Enjoy. (Shakir Givens via Bandcamp)

For all you one-hand surfing, let me help you think while you’re preoccupied:

  1. Guys, the world isn’t about girls or how many of them you can get your bit in.
  2. Girls, the world isn’t about guys and how many of them you can get to do your bidding.
  3. It’s all about me first.

Frankenstein is all about laying down whatever comes to mind — it might have something to do with him being true and real.

Frankenstein feature photo credit: Shakir Givens

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