Flying Lotus keeps it true

Flying Lotus is so indie that he’s
two Independent Music Awards deep.

FlyLo produced this Thundercat track, For Love I Come

Flying Lotus and Thundercat:
heralds from realms familiar, yet so far away.

Think of Mmmhmm as an ode to experiences far from grounded — something key about these artists.

Coming from very talented families, these two gentlemen have nothing but love to offer.

And that’s the thing I love about these Steves (Ellison and Bruner, respectively);
they’re clearly some of the chillest men on Earth.

Simply put, Flying Lotus sees his sounds.

“I see these tracks as little short films that play in my head.” (via Plug Research)

Flying Lotus isn’t that martial arts tape with the title you couldn’t translate.

Think of him as the Kali of genres and the Shiva of beats.

He reared a generation of youth on thirty-second bumps to accompany their Adult Swim lessons.

His otherworldly thinking gravitates like-minded creatives, almost always resulting in the most dripping wet experiences.

His audio-visual arrangements never fail to render a galactic cosmoscape mind-painting.

If I want to float in space São Paulo, I’ll pop in that FlyLo.

If I want to feel like I came through looking clean with a German Haircut, I’ll pop in that FlyLo.

Blu — another artist who keeps it true.

From Busy P and Eric Wareheim; to Erykah Badu and Thom Yorke — Flying Lotus has also been known for his hot collaborations, for good reason.

Whoever joins hands with Flying Lotus is bound to embark on a top-notch creative endeavor.

For those with pipes and papers in hand, were you lulled here by FlyLo and Thundercat’s homage to herbalism?

Are you sitting there, doin’ nothing? Whilst enjoying the green, have you kept it true Blu?

Hear that beautifully dripping droning sound?

Blu’s been hard at work perfecting his skills for his upcoming No York album.

There is much to say about Blu, but allow me to present these research materials to you: pick up his albums and take a walk in his shoes.

Young Bluey’s flow over Flying Lotus’ GNG BNG

Flying Lotus doesn’t just enchant ears;
he also cultivates creativity.

With roots in Plug Research, prestigious UK indie label Warp Records, and his own Brainfeeder collective — indie music is most definitely among safe hands.

Flying Lotus continues to weave vibrant tapestries among fellow visual artists and musicians, and Mapping of Countries Yet to Come is no exception. Hosted by the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, multi-media artist Miwa Matreyek and Steven Ellison will be collaborating on this project.

We ask that you contribute in a meaningful way to Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock and this project. If we receive your tax-deductible donation between August 1-November 30, 2011 it will be doubled through a Matching Grant from the LA County Arts Commission Cultivate/Create Initiative.

Your on-going support will ensure that Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock can produce more innovative programming like this in our community. (via

I assure you — this isn’t another case of a quick Blu Thundercat jumped over the lazy Flying Lotus.

Flying Lotus feature photo credit: gozamos via Flickr

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