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Did you have the Sweetest Drip
@ Posada All My Friends 2011?


This past weekend Sweetest Drip chilled supra hard in Tijuana at Posada AMF 2011.

[A posada is a Mexican X-mas party where people chug liters of Modelos on tap and smoke Lucky Strikes].

The big name of the night was [supposed to be] Beach Fossils and we appreciate it — BUT we had our laser beams focused on the local bands and what they had to offer.

With quality acts like Ibi Ego, Jablonsky, Inkjet*, and San Diego-based Tropical Popsicle, we were not disappointed.

*Inkjet was the opener so I’m sure we missed it :/



AMF 2011 was quite a success as the Moustache Bar’s patio stage contained a full house of locals and indie music lovers alike.

We were invited by Ibi Ego as guests to come check out the posada, which was definitely a lot more fun than a lot of live shows played elsewhere.

After “investigating” beer selections from local bars, we made it in time to check out Tijuana-based indie band, Jablonsky, whose beautifully droning psychedelia pleased all with open ears.

It was also very refreshing to see an indie act from San Diego called Tropical Popsicle playing at the posada, whose particular sound was the very essence of the chillest SD brus.

Tropical Popsicle – Always Awake In Shadows @ Posada AMF 2011




After drinking over a gallon of beer each and having a light 4 or so shots of tequila, we all blacked out and found these pictures on our camera in the morning. ENJOY:

Ibi Ego – Hookie @ Posada AMF 2011

Ibi Ego’s Gabriel, David, You, and their talented live drummer (whose name I didn’t catch), made me shed a manly tear of pure hopes and dreams each time they performed songs like Hookie.

Those who cross the San Diego-Tijuana border regularly are treated to some of the finer things in life, especially when keeping up to date with indie bands virtually unknown even twenty miles away from Baja California.

Sweetest Drip, fully prepped with a healthy amount of said Modelos and Lucky Strikes, had nothing short of great fun that night.

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Sweetest Drip is always here to chill hard with you.

videos captured and edited by Marc Tiosejo

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