Image courtesy of Nick Seeley/Miadis

Miadis is a smoothie:

Roy G and The Biv – Runnin’ (Miadis Remix)

Have you ever contemplated life….


Ladies, would you like to join me, ass cheeks bare to the elements, while we sip green tea…..

… a breakfast nook?

Baby, stop running, Miadis is here to deliver some signature smooth.

Miadis | Image Courtesy of Miadis

So Smooth | Image Courtesy of Miadis

To call Dallas-based Miadis smooth is an understatement. To call him a Chef of Nostalgic, Dancey Tunes would be more on the level. The man’s a true composer.

No, really, he’s a composer IRL.

And he’s been busy.

Miadis (aka Nick Seeley) is no stranger to chef-ing tasty music: Playing piano and toying with sequencing keyboards since he was a kid, Nick has been producing for local artists and friends since high school. The former student of Berklee picked up a love for French Electro in college, and left school in 2003 to do something more real: Produce the debut record for British band Pitty Sing.

Add to that a repertoire of writing songs that you’ve probably heard (he’s composed for TV), a real day job, a wife and his indie music, and we won’t have to touch on the fact the guy has skill. Certifiable.

Daft Punk – The Grid (Miadis Remix)

But we’re not here to talk about portfolios or insane life achievements at an early age.

We’re here to talk about being smooth, like Miadis

Image Courtesy of Nick Seeley/Miadis


In a bid to form and nurture a musical community in Dallas, Nick’s Miadis persona was born. Featuring all the bells and whistles of French Electro mixed-in with a focus on the most natural, well-controlled and original compositions, Miadis said hello to the scene by remixing songs we knew–and he made them his own.

A lot of remix DJ’s tend to just give a song a slightly new flavor by overlaying some “funky” new beat and chopping & moving around progressions, Miadis doesn’t. He compliments the artist’s original intent while bringing something completely new to the table. At Sweetest Drip, we call this 20+ extra doses of smooth.

Muted but powerful build-ups, smart, funky keyboard solos and a platter of interesting approaches delivers something approachable, nostalgic and highly dance-able. It’s similar to French electro, but it also seems to have more soul.

Hooray For Earth – Surrounded by Your Friends (Miadis Remix)

Did you ever decide that one day you’d hip-thrust your way through the cold and dark winter streets, with a 40oz in-tow, while looking for some of that sweetest bounce?

Did you ever burst through a door, into a warm crowded room ringing with noise, and as your numb face warmed, feel a hope gathering in you, refining and reassuring you that yes, you’re surrounded by your friends?

After this song you will.

And you can thank Miadis for that.


ON ANOTHER NOTE: Nick plans on releasing more music in the next few upcoming months, so keep a lookout on soundcloud & twitter.

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