Indie Playlist Monday: December 19, 2011

Indie Playlist Monday

Indie Playlist Mondays

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We don’t rate with numbers because everything is cat-approved.

01. Oxford – Teinto

Howard: Young French DJ Oxford came out of nowhere and started killing it left and right. You should check his SoundCloud weekly for more tasty tunes.

02. Irish Steph feat. Eleven – Crush (Eumig & Chinon Remix)


03. Jonas Rathsman – Tobago

Reuel: Whenever I depart from Port Responsibilities aboard the S.S. IDGAF, my destination is always somewhere like Jonas Rathsman’s Tobago.

04. Young Dreams – Young Dreams


05. Yelle – Comme Un Enfant (Oxford remix)

Howard: Sorry, kinda digging Oxford.

06. Gentlemen Drivers – Feroce

Reuel: There’s nothing more feroce than a gentleman driver. The video you will see runs solely on Italian horsepower and French dancepower.

07. Miami Horror – Under the Milky Way

Howard: I’ve never heard a shitty Miami Horror song. Enjoy.

08. Del the Funky Homosapien – Raw

Marc: Fres. Del’s a member of the group Hieroglyphics, with Raw as part of his 2011 solo act.

09. Ugly Duckling – Moving at Breakneck Speed (preview mix)

Marc: A preview of Ugly Duckling’s up and coming release, as presented by Viennese DJ Jeru.

10. Kian – In-Sync (demo)

Reuel: Kian’s taste for Japanese vocal-laden bossa funk is as clean as Marc’s new fade.

We’ll be sure to keep your seat warm and the groove intact until next week’s indie playlist — Sweetest Drip got yer back.

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