Apologies + New Feature = "Live" Blogging.

Hello, Sweetest Drip here via Howard.

If you haven’t noticed, we, the gentlemen behind Sweetest Drip are great at a couple things:


For one, we’re amazing at going out and getting our phones stolen (shout-out to Reuel for somehow keeping his shit together), and secondly, we have this uncanny ability to become ultimate catnap champions when the week gets a little too soaked in drinks, and purged with frequent plant burning.

We’ve been off-kilter last week and I wanted personally apologize for it. Unfortunately Reuel can only do so much to write all by his lonesome and I would like to take this opportunity to say: Cheers, to Reuel and move on to our newest feature we want to incorporate into your Sweetest Agendas.

Say hello to truly live liveblogging.

As the video says, we will be pushing the limits of half-assery and THC-inspired bad ideas by introducing a new, never-permanent series of releases under the title of “liveblogging”.

This isn’t your bullshit Twitter or CNN-type of liveblogging, we’ll be blogging for real, in real life, and you’ll be able to see it, because it’ll fucking be live.


What the shit does that mean?

It means you’ll see typo’s, missing images, changing titles and completely different directions on any new article as we write them. Any post titled with [Liveblogging] means that a Sweetest Author is currently working on the post.

This is your opportunity to see the process of our individual “styles”, and get a “taste” of what it’s like to be “behind the scenes” of our little textual adventures.

Any articles that are complete will be marked as [FINAL] at the very bottom of the post, so you’ll know you’re getting the full glory of the article. Though, that final mark might not be for a full week after the post was released…. or something.

When will this start? Probably Monday?


You down?

We’re totally down about it.


Signing Off,

Sweetest Drip


PS: We’re sorry about not posting much last week. We’ll get better at this.

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