Indie Playlist Monday: April 30, 2012

Indie Playlist Monday: April 30, 2012

Indie Playlist Mondays

Every week, we’ll share ten new tracks and videos that make us say yay!
Allow us to complement your growing indie playlist with some of the Sweetest tunes.
We don’t rate with numbers because everything is cat-approved.

01. Le Indien – Is Better With You

Roddy: Nineteen year old BrazilBro bringing dat chilled out SlowMo groove!

02. Enkídú – Greg

Roddy: Starting with a vintag-y sound this track quickly picks up the pace with it’s funky basslines and fades taking you through a masterfully crafted audio trip!

03. Ich Kann Fliegen – Abenteuer (Les Loups Remix)

Roddy: German flare via Hannover with Les Loups remixing Ich Kann Fliegen. Slowing it down and putting some Nu-Disco spin to produce a very fresh take on German Rock-Pop.


Roddy: No need for intros here. Sweetest Drip is gonna chill hard at Hard when it comes to the West Coast – you fuckin should too!

05. Bun – Kite

Reuel: Straight outta Jyapan, Bun (AKA Fumitake Tamura) will be playing with FLAKO, ANENON, and da Low End Theory resident DJs this Wednesday.

06. Ernest Gonzales & Aaron Peña – Seedling

Reuel: All it takes is some TLC to get a beautiful tree from a lil seedling! For this Seedling to grow, Sounds GOOD will send net proceeds to the San Antonio Food Bank (where Ernest Gonzales and Aaron Peña reside)!

Sounds GOOD is pleased to debut “Seedling,” a shimmering track produced by Gonzales and friend and fellow South Texan Aaron Peña. The duo composed the song using Synplant, a synth plug-in with a unique game-like interface that allows users to make music by manipulating animated plants. “You build sounds by planting seeds, growing leaves and stems, and altering plant DNA,” Gonzales says. “Aaron put together a beautiful melody and some ghostly sounds using Synplant. As soon as I heard it, I knew I had to work on it.”

07. Blood Orange – Champagne Coast

Reuel: Blood Orange doesn’t need dat HD appeal 2 get da #rarehoneyz in his bedroom. We can learn a thing or two from Champagne Coast; pair some good ‘ol Windows 98-era rendering with ur Sweetest vocals, and panties are still droppable.

08. Darq E Freaker feat. Danny Brown – Blueberry

Reuel: This is definitely one of the hardest song/video combos of 2012 so far. Doin’ hoodrat shit with friends is NSFW (I guess).

09. TeamSupreme Vol. 3

Reuel: Got hip 2 TeamSupreme via Sweetest bro Eric. He got me into a couple of the artists (Great Dane and Djemba Djemba) and from there I saw em live at Los Globos last Friday — some of da trillest beats comin’ out of LA 4 sure.

Every week a different producer picks two samples and a BPM. The files get passed around, and everybody has 1 hour to use the guidelines and make a beat. Cyphers drop Mondays.

10. Fiona Apple – Every Single Night (Djemba Djemba Remix)

Reuel: Speaking of Djemba Djemba, I’d like 2 get u hip to this Fiona Apple remix! IFWI.

11. Tomas Barfod – Pulse Exclusive Mix

Reuel: Catch Tomas and other Friends of Friends (Shlohmo, Salva, Groundislava, Suzanne Kraft) at the Echoplex on Friday. U kno ur Sweetest brus will b there 2 turn it up! Tomas is originally from Denmark, so it seems right that FoF’s Lazy Brow calls the mix a tribute to the California sun. Tomas says:

did a mix for Pulse…something completely different….

12. Work Drugs – Coral Gables

Reuel: Vibin’ wit this track pretty hard. Definitely had to include it on today’s indie playlist cause it’s just 2 slick.

13. ASAP Rocky – Pretty Flacko (Noms “Pretty Boy” Remix)

Reuel: Noms retwerk’d this track 2 da max. Strictly 4 da pretty MFs pon de dancefloor.

14. 1984 – Hot/Night/Swimming (pool party)

Reuel: Any ladies wanna go swimming with 1984? He has one swimsuit and a bathtub so u can go deep 2gether. . .

15. Chilllllls – The Second Chance Mix

Reuel: Chilllllls has the rest of this week’s hotttness on lock with The Second Chance Mix. Lots of current choons tastefully mixed together by Tune Love’s Thomas Pine, who does what I do, but better (for now)! In all honesty, he puts together great mixes every week and has that Sweetest mindset for the creative arts.

Does this week’s indie playlist lack a track?

If you have a song you’d like featured on Indie Playlist Mondays, please feel free to contact us! We’ll be sure to keep your seat warm and the groove intact until next week’s indie playlist — Sweetest Drip got yer back.

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