Odd Future, teach us how to ‘come threw looking clean’

Odd Future at Coachella 2011

Odd Future,
what is it to come threw looking clean?

Cali Swag District taught us how to dougie. Chris Brown taught us how to pop a star in the mouth and continue on with his F.A.M.E.

Oh damn, maybe I pissed someone off with that last bit. Here’s some PR magic:

We all know that and beef-jousting over the Internet isn’t how you come through looking clean.

Making money? Mainstream recognition? A Moon Man? No.

So what is it to come through looking clean?

Diamonds on your neck? Comin’ through with the Tec? Media, so quick to hop on the vibrator that is buzzworthiness, was easily fooled by yet another one of Tyler’s alter egos.

I say, to come through looking clean is to do whatever it is you want to the best of your abilities.

To come through looking clean is to show the masses that you don’t give a fuck; that you does what you does.

Please, excuse Odd Future’s French.

I was lucky enough to catch them in San Diego at the first stop of the GOLFWANG 2011 tour. Sick

Their forte is his specific brand of real talk.

People of all melanin counts reel back into their seats at the Creator, who fucks bitches with no permission and tends to hate shit.

Honestly, enough kids have seen Kids to know most of Odd Future’s lyrics are socio-economically unfeasible to consider.

Believing anything they want to hear, reviewers of the Odd Future collective often stop and cry wolf when something distasteful hits their palate.

It’s nothing new. Almost everyone has something to say about rap and rappers.

In fact Tyler, Taco, and Jasper claim they are not rappers. They are using the mediums available to be their own boss and incite others to do the same.

Hipster Runoff guest writer Reginald Howard, a “sigma cum laude graduate of Morehouse College, with experience writing about topics from politics to minority rights both domestically and internationally,” had something to say in response to their success:

We are not sure who created Tyler Okonma, and what he is allegedly creating. No one should be laughing. . . This is not why we died for civil rights. Shame on these young, foolish children.
Hipster Runoff)

A look at the comments reveals that people can’t decide whether or not Mr. Howard is just another one of Carles’ creations.

For those who gorge themselves on McMedia and have yet to sit and listen, Bitch Suck Dick (and HRO) is a gag played on the masses who believe in anything and everything but themselves.

Best New Artist, Adult Swim show, and a Grammy entry later, Odd Future have come through looking clean.

Tyler the Creator of Odd Future

Doing what he does (credit: Po'Jay via Flickr)

They’ve sold out shows every direction of the compass. All without kneeling to mainstream labels; they merely use labels’ assets toward their own goals.

Why should I give credit to Tyler and Odd Future?

Why should anybody give them the time of day?

They work in-house, they don’t co-sign with big name rappers to get scraps of recognition, and their self-confidence fuels their drive to kill em all.

All good artists, especially those claiming to be indie, have confidence in their art because they have confidence in themselves.

Odd Future has had some of the trillest things to say in a while, coming from kids.

Odd Future feature photo credit: jaredeberhardt via Flickr

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