Indie fashion exists — feel better now?

the "proper" shoes are often indie fashion must-haves

“What do you mean by indie fashion?

Haha, funny question. I thought you were tired of being told you were different, I feel you will relate to this. Oh pardon me, I didn’t intend to offend you. I laughed only because I’m not sure if you are ready to find out the real answer to that question. Are you ready? Here we go. . .

Indie fashion tries to be many things, but it’s really all the same. Its definition solely depends on how you interpret fashion. If you think of fashion as style, then it means paying obscene costs for overused graphic design, lackluster marketing, and those good ol’ kicks. Or did you define the essence of the word itself:

“You see, ‘Streetwear’ is a concept, so everyone will have their interpretation as to who should have or have not been included.” – Bobby Hundos

Indie fashion presents The Hundreds

credit: nobueno via Flickr

Different smell, same shit. Both takes on the word are simply stating a preference or a state of being on this one scene.

“What difference does it really make taking the word so literally, after all it is just fashion. Right?”

Umm, no. It does matter when one wants to accurately understand the indie fashion scene and what it is to be affiliated with it.

“How do you know this?”

I’ve been there, I used to subscribe to that same mindset that everyone labels as indie fashion.

From my experience, indie fashion means waiting in endless lines with thousands in hand to in the hopes to get one of 37 limited edition sneakers. Brands love using odd numbers for limited edition items just for shits and giggles. They also love making everything limited edition because its sick indie shit, bro. Indie fashion equates you to a walking advertisement.

You become so OCD about your shit that hats can only be Supreme or Alife. Shirts can only be The Hundreds or Crooks & Castles. Don’t forget them Nike SB’s because you will learn to love your neon, more means your super OG. Bandanas around the neck, fitted hats still with the stickers, graphic tees, a pair of Cazal frames, and skinny jeans so tight you might as well say bye-bye to your balls. Hellz Bellz, Мishka, 10 Deep — they’re all Fuct. All are prime examples of what represent the baseline look of this scene.

Odd Future‘s Tyler the Creator put it this way:

Maybe I should buy some Hundreds,wear some fucking skinny jeans
And follow in your footsteps like a motherfucking millipede
Centipede, make songs about Gucci and ciggaweed

Alife with Indie Fashion

credit: La'J via Flickr

Indie fashion lines up by The Hundreds

credit: nobueno via Flickr

Everyone is subject to being labeled with the term indie fashion.

How one fits into this scene depends solely on where they live. In San Diego you are probably rocking threads from shops like 5&A Dime or the newest kicks from Blends. In LA you have more options: Fairfax Ave. houses The Hundreds and Diamond Supply Co.; on S. La Brea Ave. you have Undefeated; and lastly we land in hipster nation on Sunset Blvd. where you have Crooks & Castles. Across the country in New York, names such as Dave’s Quality meets Supreme and Alife, basically offering the same steez that’s found back west. Notice a pattern here?

In indie fashion it doesn’t matter how far a length you travel, it is all the same hype. That’s all it is, hype.

You mean hype like Hypebeast?

Yeah, totally. . . because you should be more open-minded than mimicking blog musings, no matter how convenient.

Driven by obscure graphics and barely-passable marketing attempts these indie hipsters buy into brands and literally become labeled. It’s ironic that the sole purpose of the indie fashion scene is to separate themselves from the high brow fashion industry. Street-savvy people around the late 90’s banded against anything mainstream, music, art, even fashion. This new alternative mindset had molded the culture that is now today labeled as indie fashion.

But that is all it is, a label and nothing more. Those into indie fashion think they are achieving their goal by rebelling against high fashion. In reality, they couldn’t be further.

All this scene represents is what the fashion industry calls basics.

A taste of indie fashion

credit: arvindgrover via Flickr

Jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap, and sneakers. Minimalistic design meets a minimal effort. Obscure brand names just to separate brands but not style. Obviously, indie fashion is stuck in some real trap shit. . .

Still feel like you relate? You should. You should because the ultimate lesson is that indie fashion is just a phrase that applies to everyone. Every individual has a different mindset, way of living, or preference of taste.

Only difference is indie fashion as a label for this particular scene represents your local hipster. How do you want to be labeled? Do you feel like you fit in now? If so, answer me this:

How does indie fashion represent you?

Indie fashion feature photo credit: geishaboy500 via Flickr

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