ASAP Rocky, a Peso for your thoughts?

ASAP Rocky and his French braids

ASAP Rocky, great job!

You’re so brand new to us. I wonder, will you deliverYou promise a lot you know.

I just hope you don’t end up a fool to the label, knowing executives always love pushing the next big flashy thing to the world.

I had a hearty chuckle when I saw a Pitchfork quote that read:

“I used to be homophobic, but that’s fucked up. All the designers I’m wearing are gay.”

These days, it’s exactly as Schoolboy Q says, dubbing ASAP Mob into the game:

Your time’s up, the new brand’s up.

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There is much potential that you’ve already expressed, and I really hope you and ASAP Mob deliver!

I had known of Spaceghostpurrp before you as I listened to his work with young baby Kreay, who’s kinda your label mate now that you’re both on Sony.

All within what, the past year? Now the world awaits both of your major debuts so that we’re certain you’re not one-trick rappers.

Best wishes ASAP Rocky and live long ASAP Mob.

I was only recently introduced to the real Triple 6 shit. I think it’s fantastic that you all got to work together with Juicy J to fine tune your style.

I respect your interest for genres outside of your home in Harlem.

But tell me why this crowd is so sad-looking? Is it because they’ve barely gotten to know you?

Regardless, your love for all genres is truly representative of our e-generation.

I recognize the young trill champion in you.

Keep it G, ASAP Rocky!

ASAP Rocky the 'pretty motherfucker'These days, it’s a waste of time to keep up with Twitter beef.

Your bro Spaceghostpurrp has said some real things that many our age should consider.

“Awww, ‘Fuck Taylor Gang’? I used to fuck with Wiz Khalifa when How Fly came out, but I made my song to open the eyes of the youth–be yourself, fuck Taylor Gang, you’re not him!”

Be yourself. You’re not Wiz Khalifa. Ok?

Stop wearing Chuck Taylors, dyeing your hair, smoking weed just because Wiz Khalifa is smoking weed.”
(via LA Weekly Blogs)

I don’t know about the rest of the bruhs here in Cali think — but I’m all about true and real.

Rap game fucked up, boy. Fuck you think I rap for?

ASAP Rocky, do you.

ASAP ROCKY feature photo credit: Ysa Pérez

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