Hopsin: Pre-heating the oven for beef?

Hopsin is raw.

Is Hopsin the Eminem of our generation?

Haters may bash on Hopsin because of his beef with Tyler, but he’s the real deal

Hopsin Rapper

(credit: Acid2Acid via Wikimedia)

What does a white Detroit-based rapper with a furious, battle-tested flow have in common with a do-it-all kid from So Cal with freaky white contact lenses?

It turns out that Eminem and Hopsin — surprisingly — have a bit in common.

Citing Eminem as one of his biggest inspirationsHopsin is ready to fuck up the rap game and turn it upside down with all the ferocity of a kick-flip gone wrong.

Hopsin’s troubles in early life and school made him a social outcast — an academic failure and an unpopular class clown.


He decided to take things into his own direction and become. . . the unpopular class clown of rap?

As one YouTube comment succinctly put it, “you hate on Tyler for eating a cockroach but you dress up like a girl? lol that shit is whack.”

Shit is whack, indeed – in the rap game.

Like Pac, Biggie, and countless rappers before him, Hopsin is speaking out against what is popular.

He’s the hottest thing to tear up the conventional air waves plagued by Drake crooning and Lil Wayne’s steady decline into mediocrity.

His style is orchestrated to rap’s own horrorcore-ish mix of Gravediggaz, Brotha Lynch Hung, an angry 23-year-old Democrat, and the local stoned out skater at the park with fly kicks in tow.

In Sag My Pants, Hopsin follows the classic formula:

  1. He represents the newest generation of rappers (“give up the baton”)
  2. Hopsin isn’t afraid so speak his mind despite what the public thinks (“I got some militant thoughts, and you ain’t killing ’em off”)
  3. Like rappers in the early 90s there “sag[ging] my pants until my ass shows” still exists (teenage angst wrapped in a satirical nonsensical hook)
  4. Disses across the board, from the mainstream (Drake) to the hood popular (Lil Wayne) to the rappers that not so hood people like (Lupe Fiasco)
  5. Great skill often goes unrecognized (“I’m probably the sickest motherfucker who don’t get recognized“)

Sound familiar? Eminem burst onto the scene (given: he received more hype because he was white) using the same formula. Remember this (in)famous line? New Kids on the Block sucked a lot of dick, boy girl groups make me sick.


Photography by Brad Christopher

No shame in that — Hopsin has some of Em’s best qualities as well: a good (if not so unique) flow, battle rap potential, trials and tribulations (2011 version of 8 Mile is YouTube), insightful lyrics, and enough buzz on Twitter to create his own Wikipedia article that won’t get deleted.

What is Tyler the Creator‘s response to all this frippery? He did probably the most scathing thing he can do – the casual passive-aggressive non-response:

Hopsin Vs Tyler the Creator

Ouch. The oven’s been pre-heated — it’s time for Hopsin to cook up that beef.

Keep an eye out for Hopsin and his upcoming release, Knock Madness due out in March 2012.

First guest feature (in a while) by hip hop blogger, Hip Hop Octopus.
Hopsin feature photo credit: via Photography by Brad Christopher

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