rel talk

What is indie style to you?

Put quotations around that label; it’s not worthwhile.
If you think you have it, hear out my freestyle.

Do you think my flow’s too trite?
Skinny jeans on too tight?
It’s not that I know I’m right,
I just want to say something, if that’s all right.

Do you slave away, all day and all night too?
By the look on your face,
I’m guessing your balls are blue.
Not me — gon’ stay true;
I’ll let someone else deal with customers’ boo-hoos.

Is it worth getting mindfucked because their piece of shit device broke?
All because their favorite company loves to branch out into
cheap, gimmicky-ass ventures
to fund some rapper’s gold dentures.

Purple Swag was brought to you by self-purchased fronts, filmed during Rocky’s still-indie ventures.

Basically I’m telling you to be yourself.
Don’t subscribe to a style just to put false self-esteem on the shelf.
There’s more to swag than Hypebeast and Lookbook;
seriously, just think for yourself.

Fuck swag! Forget steez!
Be a boss, don’t appease.

Industry overlords have no obligation to please
spoon-feeding complacency with the same re-hash and cheese,
expecting you to bring pads for your knees.

The following is rap industry fan fiction;
young squires and lasses, gather ’round and listen.

Juicy J asked the industry,
“Triple 6 got that Academy Award, yet why aren’t you hip to my Rubba Band Business?”

And the industry replies,
“Sorry bruh, now we’re all about the thizzness.”

After dropping a Jolly Rancher at the bottom of his Sprite*-filled double-cup,
the Juice Man has a Blue Dream and Lean:
U trippy mane, I’m just gonna get to’ up. I’m gonna be myself and go wild.
I’ll show them what it is to be true and real, fuck indie style — fuck any style!”

*there’s more than Sprite; pay attention to lyrics once in a while.

It’s all about what you bring to the table,
indie style or not.

Indie style doesn’t exist; what exists is you
and to get anywhere, you have to be true.

Indie style cannot be obtained;
mindlessly copying others is not how you “come through.”

Let’s put it this way:
If one day you find yourself at the wrong end of someone’s steel,
at least you knew that you kept it real

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