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Grimes – Oblivion

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Practice, Balls and Publicity (Use ‘Em).

Here’s some real talk: There’s a lot to be said about indie potential, but outside of the hook ups, the beers and all-around good times, a major difference between living the life of a hipster versus the insanity of a true artist is like comparing uncooked meat to bacon. Some people are just too scared to throw themselves into the fire.

Multi-faceted, sweet-voiced and overall Canadian indie act, Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) manages to do a great job in showcasing that she isn’t afraid, throwing her work out there for all to experience, and proving her balls are bigger than most guys who wear tight jeans–consequently making her mind a slice of the sexiest brain pie:


gj Canada

With heady compositions showcasing an appreciation for fat bass, this lone artist can slice away at sound, replacing it with ethereal buzzings that keep your feet moving. Her musical stylings can gracefully cut open reality like a scalpel, and let a spell bleed out into the air, slowing down a moment with introspective, melodious and echo-filled crooning’s that manage to strangely pulsate, grow and make themselves fun and dance-worthy. 2x Combo, forward-thinking dark pop. Thumbs up.

Sweetest Claire isn’t scared of sharing her talents, and that’s great because it looks like she has a lot of them.

Outside of her regular stints in painting, composing, playing piano, singing and goddamn making sick music, there seems to be very little pretense, just sexy brain. Full-on, sexy brain.


Also Grimes is Busting Her Ass (and Dome) to Give it to You

Grimes Credit John Londono, used with permission via Arbetus Records

Just doing it better. | Credit: John Londono via Arbutus Records

With 2 separate albums released in 2010, a split album out earlier this year and a forthcoming LP called “Visions” arriving January 31st, Grimes is actually doing work to get herself out there.

With the thick roster of shows, tours and interviews, Grimes has managed to squeeze more into the last 365 days than your boyfriend’s band did in 10 years. That’s awesome. People get it, and home girl’s catching some spark.



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Way to go Claire Boucher. Do it big, and keep on enjoying what you do (STAY DEMON):


Grimes Interview via Tremble Tremble 




Featured image by Tommy Chase Lucas, used with permission via Arbutus Records (thanks!)

Side note: We’re against the idea of “rating” bands by arbitrary numbers, or labeling their sound too heavily, but does anyone thing that Grimes sounds like slowed-down dark rockabilly mixed in with the pace and stylings of Scandinavian lounge pop?


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