It's time for FatKidsBrotha to eat.

Johnny and Dav. E of FatKidsBrotha

’cause FatKidsBrotha is hungry.

Are you hungry?

FatKidsBrotha – Eastside Paradise

I love hip-hop that encourages my inner-boss. It’s always craving for more, wanting to climb to the pinnacle of the life game. If only I could feed it enough to get it to where it wants to be. . .

I love artists like FatKidsBrotha

With a spread like this, they’re clearly aiming for the top. Brothers Dav E and Johnny U-Hauled it from Detroit to Atlanta to bring the sounds they grew up with to underground label, Two-9.

They’re just a cool pair of young guns trying to get their bread and queso in the current version of the rap game. I think it’s like version 20.111118 right now.

It’s a metaphor. We’re trying to eat as much as the fat kids. Fat kids being artists that are already on or someone that [has] that buzz. . .

Regular little brothers is doing as much as [the fat kids] are doing to get what they’re getting.

But they’re not seeing as much food as [the fat kids] are.

— via Noctum Magazine

Their true sound was what caught my attention when the Snubnose Frankenstein-produced album dropped late September.

Eastside Paradise is a joint-venture between two underground hip-hop collectives: Two-9 and Over There Gang.

FatKidsBrotha already have a series of mixtapes under their belt, and with the release of Eastside Paradise, they have shown a lot of growth.

The album’s production value is mainly attributed to OTG member Snubnose Frankenstein, who produced every track except for 1 8 7 (FuckLePolice) by fellow OTG member Key.

They’re still not full.

FatKidsBrotha at A3C 2011

A brotherly take on what's true and real (credit: Dav E)

FatKidsBrotha recently performed at the A3C Hip Hop Festival.

According to the festival’s website, A3C “has grown into the largest Hip Hop Festival in the southeastern US, drawing over 15,000 people in 2010.”

They performed with the likes of underground LA rapper Murs and indie-for-a-minute Harlem-based ASAP Rocky.

Such a showcase of talent is key to aspiring artists such as FatKidsBrotha, waiting for their turn to eat at the table.

In addition, Dav E confirmed the following via email:

FatKidsBrotha is “on another tape slate to drop at the end of the year (or top of the year) titled Frank Matthews ’86.”

Christmas-time should see the release of another OTG collaboration titled Out On Bond.

FatKidsBrotha, get that queso/ricotta/cheese.

featured photo credit: Dav E

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