Perseus has divine inspiration for your ears.

Make room in your indie playlist for Perseus.

Perseus dealing with the Medusas of our lives

Just let Perseus deal with it. (credit: jerebu via Flickr)

If you had an especially rough 2011 and would like to have a relaxing (yet focused) 2012, begone with the Medusas in your life and replace them with tasty little princess Andromedas as was said of the mythological hero.

However, there’s nothing mythological about the Perseus of our times. He comes equipped with beats straight from the gods of chill.

While there is little information to be found on the man himself, Perseus has released a fist-full of his signature beats. His sound cuts musical boundaries like the finely sharpened blade that beheaded the she-demon who made men rock-hard in the wrong way.


So, what does Perseus bring to table?

If it wasn’t so obvious by fans of the Sweetest, I’ve always wanted a certain young Natassia in my life. But alas, she is not here — leaving me with my Sweetest bros to continue purveying and providing the beats for your indie playlists. Perseus’ music is a perfect addition to the indie connoisseur’s choice of music — a perfect spread for any table.

Perseus – Russian Girlfriends EP

Given as an early Christmas present to fans of the French Express collective, Russian Girlfriends is a three song EP that exalts the current tropicool trend of music — laid back, beach-side vibes harkening back to the simpler times. This is the perfect soundtrack for bros wanting to relax and get away from all that makes our current day and age uncool, courtesy of the very cool bros at French Express.

Tracks like Running Back To You are exemplary of Perseus’ knack for laying you down by the bonfire, your body weary from a long day of being licked by the ocean’s waves and frolicking up and down the beach. It also samples a 90s classic, Foolish by Ashanti, in a very tasteful way. Synths playfully bounce with hints of a chiptune-like glitch, beckoning you to run back for more.

All of Perseus’ sounds are skillfully composed and precisely sampled. He provides a service with his music like the hero of old, decapitating today’s gorgons (see: overly-masculine brostep and Eurobeat-“influenced” American Top 40).

Mark Ronson – Record Collection 2012 (Perseus Remix)

Perseus’ remix of the Mark Ronson track is a display of his quality for making sounds as qreamy as Pharrell (who raps on the Record Collection 2012 single).

Jeremy Glenn – New Life (Perseus ‘Summer of 83’ Remix)

Are 90s remixes too art nouveau for your playlist? There’s a ‘Summer of 83’ remix for that, courtesy of your boy.

If you hail from Canada or Australia, Perseus has two future tour dates in Toronto (@ The Gladstone on 2012-02-04) and in Brisbane (@ Bowler Bar on 2012-03-31). Don’t miss a beat.

Perseus is too cool to be brought down from his level of chill.

featured photo: edenpictures via Flickr

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