Meet David Beltran. He feels all your bits.

1984demos – Feels.

Call him STLKRFXXXSPARKLEFOXXX or 1984demos—-when you track all these names back to the source, you get one majestic man, and he calls himself David Beltran.

Welcome, you’ve just found some great music to go with your fries.

David is an amazing artist who runs with a lot of different—-frequently updated—-projects. From collabs to solo work, this musician has been around the block, delivering an eclectic mix of dripping-wet sounds to some very pleased ears.

With a crazy release rate for all his musical ventures, Sweetest Drip wondered if David was some sort of multi-armed Hindu god. Truth or not, the man has skill, and he knows how to make his instruments act like a third leg… and fifteenth arm… and thirtieth face.

Whatever you want to know him by, we think David Beltran might be motherfucking Vishnu

David. Just doing his thing.

David in the 11th dimension. Just doing his thing.

Based in Chicago, David Beltran was 1/3rd of the now-defunct & well-blogged Starfoxxx, and has garnered epic-levels of recognition throughout his different projects—-getting airtime on BBC Radio One, playing multiple SXSW shows with the likes of Rye Rye & DJ Rashad, and getting his remix (as SPARKLEFOXXX) featured in Diplo’s Horsey EP:


Diplo – Horsey (SPARKLEFOXXX Remix)

Tears of joy.

We had the honor of interviewing David over Google+, but we fucked up and forgot to record it, so Reuel and I decided to showcase David’s different projects with pure FEELING:



When you get down on the floor, do you get down at 150 beats-per-minute? If so, David’s Chicago juke tracks have all the voluptuous booty poppin’, fancy fancy footwork, and “FUCK YOU WANT?!?” attitude packaged into something that’ll make you like the way you look…

I guarantee it.


Waxmaster – Hit the Flo (STLKRFXXX remix)

Dearest young wi†ches and wΔrlocks, don’t feel left out. Pick your back up off the wall, and take a sip of David’s brujaton stew. Equal parts witch-house and moombahton — hand-picked by the Underlord of the Bootyclap, and brewed to perfection for your dancefloor transgressions.


STLKRFXXX – like this


Branching away from the frenetic brujaton/juke themes of his other work, David is recently showcasing a more chilled-out dreamy sound with a project called 1984demos via Feel Trip Records.

1984demos – Tell Me

I can’t stop playing this song.

David Beltran used with permission

David in the 3rd Dimension. Chilling.

Picking up from an older “test project” called Zoolights, 1984demos is serving the world with new, amazing soundtracks for only the sweetest dreams. This newest project showcases pitch-shifted samples and original compositions that give birth to a relaxed—-yet still absolutely infectious—-sound.

And whether by intention or not, all the songs manage to maintain a full-on dance-worthy vibe throughout every muted build-up and breakdown.

From excellent self-made videos to genre-hopping domination, David Beltran is a name everyone should know about, but doesn’t. w.t.f?

With an intention to expand outside of just DJ-ing at shows, David is looking to grow his performance repertoire into a more active, crispy live event, and we’re all for it.

Whatever Vishnu wants, he creates, and we’re sure David can do it.

Otherwise we’ll end up burning shit all over the place.

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