Nujabes was definitely in tune.

Nujabes is perpetually chill.


Nujabes chakras

(credit: Immanuel Giel via Wikimedia)

Some say that listening to him makes you feel a lot like the person to the left.

A thought occurred to me while studying that person for a while, listening to the Peaceland track above.

2011: Spiritual State
2010: Rest in peace.
2005: Modal Soul
2004: Samurai Champloo – Impression
2004: Samurai Champloo – Departure
2003: Metaphorical Music
2002: Good Music Cuisine – Ristorante

Though Jun Seba is not with us anymore, he’s still cheering us on through his work. As always.

Nujabes in a Spiritual State

Nujabes’ unfinished posthumous release, Spiritual State, was released on December 3rd by his own Hydeout Productions label.

As with all of his previous works, Nujabes had a knack for collaborating with artists that paired excellently with his sound.

Uyama Hiroto, Cise Star, Substantial, Pase Rock, and Haruka Nakamura came together on tracks that put the final touches of Jun’s masterpiece.

The music speaks for itself.

Jun Seba was no doubt a master of his art — though he would probably never say so himself.

Even so, there are few videos where he speaks live. Most performances showcase nothing less than a reserved, yet warm smile surrounded by finely curated samples, beats, and instrumentals.

Nujabes is proof that no matter what medium or genre, music speaks to people individually and on levels transcending description.

There’s simply no label to it at all.

Who was Jun Seba?

His music as celebrated by fans and fellow performers.

Many fans, new and old, still pay respects when Jun Seba and his works are enjoyed.

Much of the most touching comments come from those who “got into him too late.”

They speak volumes on his interwoven instrumental intricacies; they’re sure to note every precise break in the beat, every slick jazz interlude, every real hip hop flow. . .

. . .only to realize that the maestro has since moved on to a Spiritual State.

The world after Nujabes.

He was well-known and well-loved.

MCs often worked with him, recognizing the rawness of his compositions.

Shing02, well-known for his collaboration with Nujabes on the Samurai Champloo opening theme song, also shared a four-part saga called “Love Sic.” that entwined the MC’s heart-felt lyricism with the producer’s heart-wrenching arrangements.

Perfect for videos like these.

From MCs to multi-instrumentalists, Jun recognized the spark within each of these people to deliver their messages to the world.

Though they all sip from different creative juices, they all have a similar mantra:
we are all in this together.

Put the hate aside and listen to what the beats have to say.
Nujabes is peace.

featured photo credit: eulith

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