For your indie playlist: Ibi Ego

Ibi Ego is probably the best “new” band that’s not on your indie playlist. Yet.

If you’re one of the many/few chill bros/broettes truly into an alternative lifestyle, then Ibi Ego is a must have to enhance your alternative brand.

With so many irrelevant options floating around on the indiesphere it’s hard to cherry pick a worthy act for your indie playlist.

You need something that makes your indie playlist come thru lookin’ clean and dripping wet fresh:

Ibi Ego – (canción para una chica estúpida)

Ibi Ego started with a sharp, raw sound that has been compared to the likes of Sonic Youth.

The band’s sound has evolved into what can only be described as their (working) version of pop.

And, honestly, I am really fond of their earlier rough sound BUT if they’re gonna be putting out jewels like this one:

Ibi Ego – Hookie

Then totally I’m hooked, this is an instant ‘on repeat’.

Some bands evolve to a dead end; 

Ibi Ego has stepped it up to the next level.

Ibi Ego

(credit: Ibi Ego via Discos Tormentos)

They have scaled back on the heavy punk rock guitar and concocted a more melodic, dreamwave, synthpop sound.

The result is a more layered sophisticated indie pop-rock sound without losing it’s alternative appeal and indie aesthetic.

To paint a mental image it’s like stuffing a indierock band with nods at punkrock into a bedroom producer’s space – very DYI, very dreampop but with bite.

And that’s one the more refreshing things about Ibi Ego, while other bands venture into a new musical progression and lose much of their OG appeal the indieresting bros/broette of Ibi Ego have been able to pursue a somewhat different musical proposition while still retaining their appeal and remaining true to what has made them into the multi-faceted band they are now.

Ibi Ego – 1998

Ibi Ego is You Schaffner (vocals, bass and keyboards), David Bravo (vocals, guitar and drums), and Gabriel Duprat (keyboards, guitar, and programming).

The band formed sometime in 2003 in someone’s basement in the city of Tijuana.

Ibi Ego

(credit: Ibi Ego via Discos Tormentos)

They originally started out with four members, but after a ‘restructuring’ of the band they seem poised in a revised and improved audio vision of what Ibi Ego should sound like.

They recently came back from playing some gigs in New York and now they are working on their upcoming release (tentatively) titled MCMXCVIII.

They also did a remix for indie faves Thieves Like Us, you can check it out here.

Aside from the band, the chill bros and alternative broette of Ibi Ego are involved in other projects: Gabriel and David are part of Shantelle and You has her solo proj, Dani Shivers.

Ibi Ego will be playing at Posada AMF 2011 in the uniquely surreal city of Tijuana along with Beach Fossils this December 17th.

Leave all your preconceptions at the border and see you there (if you come up to me and tell me “I got the Sweetest Drip,” I will chill hard with you via tequila shots).

Ibi Ego

(credit: Ibi Ego via Discos Tormentos)

Go ahead and add some fresh Ibi Ego tunes to your playlist!

featured photo credit: Ibi Ego via Discos Tormentos


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